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Updated on April 26, 2012

Buying shares online for the monthly dividends

The purpose of this article is to show you how you can buy shares online, an easy way to increase your monthly cash-flow.

Buying shares online it's not an easy task as it may look. Although internet is spreading vary fast, buying shares online it's not very common yet. I am not talking here about trading stocks on the stock market. Opening a trading account can be fast and 100% made online.

Our purpose it's not to trade on the stock market but to invest in shares that will bring you an income.

The most common way to take profit from shares is the "buy low - sell high" method. This method is based on the fact that on the long therm the market is always rising. By investing in shares year after year for 15-20 years you take profit of the increase in price that occurs over a long period of time. This is how of the retirement plans work.

This method however, requires a good planing and patience. It is not recommended for a short period of time, at least not for the average person.

A few months ago I was looking for investments that can increase my monthly income without a lot of work from my behalf. The search was successful and I find a way to buy shares with monthly dividends.

Shares are a units of ownership in a certain corporation or fund. As a result the shareholders are entitled to receive part of the profit. That profit, the dividends, might be a powerful tool to increase your portfolio in time.

When you buy shares for dividends you can get the first earnings in the next month and you can use the power of dividend compounding to increase your portfolio and your monthly earnings.

Buying shares online - a practical method

Buying shares online it's now easy and fast with the help of an Ukrainian company that acts like a broker.

In 2006 five entrepreneurs that saw a need to boost businesses suffering from a poor economy founded Uinvest, a leading global investment and funding company.

Through a unique program, Uinvest offers average investors means to put their money to work. Uinvest is identifying viable businesses that need funding for their expansion projects and makes the investment available for everyday investors.

Uinvest is a business established in Ukraine and has an office registered at Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce (You can see the registration details in the REFERENCES section bellow).

Investing through Uinvest program is very easy. There are three steps:

1. Create your account - it's free to create your account. Explore the website, see the available projects or participate in the forum discussions.

2. Add Funds - The second step is to add funds to your Uinvest account (no minimum required). You can add funds by wire transfer, check payments, AlertPay, PayPal and Liberty Reserve.

3. Buy shares and earn dividends - with the funds you added you will buy shares available from different projects. For each share Uinvest will pay you the corresponding monthly dividends.


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