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Making Car Insurance Costs Affordable

Updated on January 28, 2013

Shopping for the best car insurance coverage can be very overwhelming considering the sudden rise of its prices. Because of this, you need to keep yourself informed about the different ways to reduce the cost of this type of insurance so you can have your car covered without paying a lofty price. To help you reduce the cost of your auto insurance, consider following the tips below.

1. Shop for insurance ahead of time. This means that before you ever buy a car, you should start researching about insurance. Most people assume that Neons are cheaper while SUVs are more expensive. Note that this assumption is not true all the time. Insurance companies will base the cost of your liability on the specific amount of damages that your vehicle may inflict in the future, its likelihood of being damaged during an accident, the number of times it has been stolen, and the severity of the injuries suffered by the driver and passengers. For you to get an idea about cars that are safe to drive and have lower insurance costs, visit the websites of insurance companies since most of them can offer you a comprehensive list.

2. Maintain the good condition of your car. If you can show proof that your car is still in excellent condition, then you can easily save on insurance. To help you out, you should avoid running out of gas and locking your car keys; have a spare tire around, and familiarize yourself about the procedures on maintaining it. Remember that there are instances when your vehicle will break down. However, this won’t happen frequently if it is well-maintained. Note that a good insurance will also cover towing in case you face an accident.

3. Limit your mileage. If you want to reduce your chances of getting involved in an accident, then you should consider driving your vehicle on local roads during the weekend instead of commuting along a busy road on a daily basis. It is also advisable for you to discuss your driving habits with your chosen insurance company since a lower mileage results to lower premium. If you are unsure about how to estimate the number of miles you drive annually, then take advantage of the useful calculator present in most auto insurance comparison sites. Make sure, however, that you get accurate figures since there is a great possibility that your policy will be invalidated in case you violate the mileage limit in the agreement.

4. Drive with extreme care and caution. Negative marks on your driving records can significantly increase your premiums so you need to be aware of the driving rules and the laws while you are on the road and strictly adhere to them. Committing a grave traffic violation will cause you to have a difficult time buying an insurance coverage.

5. Buy online. Buying car insurance online is a wise move because the whole application process is cheaper. If possible, you should also consider paying off your chosen policy upfront. Bear in mind that while it is more convenient to try monthly installments, it is more expensive since you will need to pay high admin fees and interest charges.


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