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My Weekly Rant number 1 Child Benefit

Updated on November 16, 2010

Child benefit in the UK

So apparently if you earn £44 thousand or more per year your well off and being well off means you no longer will receive the Child Tax Benefit under our new Conservative Government or is it Liberal or is it both!!!.So is that going to sort out our Countries debt errrr i don't think so. Once again its an attack on honest hardworking families.

One Government after another comes along with manifestos that promise the earth and like the previous Government before them it either never happens or they simply backtrack on what they pledged they would do and as far as i am concerned they are completely out of touch with the public!!

If you own a 3 Bedroom semi-detached house run 2 cars have 2 children and heat and light your home then your NOT and i repeat NOT well off if you earn £44K per year.

Child Benefit should be there for low income families as well as hardworking families.Look we all live to our meansdont we? We teach our children to study hard at school get an education which should lead to a good job and earn a decent wage. Well thats all very well but the high level of living costs in this country along with unaffordable housing rising energy costs etc how much money do you have to earn to now be so called Middle Class.

So what do we all do give up get a lower paid job or claim all the benefits under the sun?

No of course not because we work for our pride and self worth as well as the money we earn and it seems to me the harder you work in the UK the more you are penalised

Surely the more money you earn the more tax you pay right?

Yes right!!

So this means you are contributing more to the system right?

Yes right!!!

So why is it then that when you do have an additional welcome benefit in the form of child benefit that is then deemed right to take it away?

Child Benefit should be for all after all if you pay into the system surely you are entitled to benefits.

The Government should stop penalising the honest hard working general public and get the money off the countless scroungers in this country who cant be bothered to get off their backside and do an honest days work. These people don't contribute into the system and are freeloading off us hard working tax payers who fund their lifestyles.

Leave the Child Benefit alone!!!

At the same time we all need to stick together and try and do our bit to help the country out of these current uncertain times and reduce the deficit.

Well the banks need to help us help ourselves and start lending money again!!!!

The banks got us in this mess and are still making huge profits in a recession.We need as a country to encourage growth get people back into work and build affordable housing that youngsters can afford without the ridiculous deposits the banks are expecting from them.

We have a long road ahead and a double dip recession is on the cards so the government should think hard and reconsider the child benefit!!!


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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Keepitnatural thanks for reading my hub and for your comments. You worked previously so you should receive benefits without feeling guilty because you payed into the system.Also yes you are better off when working but as i say you live to your means and if you have money taken away by the government its still hard.Very interesting point of view and nice to hear your opinion!!!

    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      I do agree with you in many ways, SIJO1, but I have to say that if this country is going to get out of this mess we are going to have to take such cuts.

      A year or two ago I would have said "damn right" but now, being a single mum with two kids & on benefits, (which I am not proud of) after earning £50k before I had kids, I am now able to fully appreciate what actually 'needing' this money to survive really means.

      When I'm back working again I wont miss my £18 a week, I'll know that those who do need it are getting it, but I'm better off where I am!

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comments frenjd just goes to show politicians are you of touch!!!

    • frenjd profile image

      frenjd 7 years ago from north England

      I totally agree, I have 4 kids and we earn just under that and we are not well off at all.