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Coin Counting Machines | A Coin Savers Best Friend

Updated on June 15, 2015

The Fun of A Coin Machine

Using a coin sorter can save you hours of time and frustration when its time to count your coins. Whether you are a small business owner, collector, or have a stash of coins you have been saving somewhere, there are several low cost coin counters to choose from.

The process of counting, sorting, and rolling coins can be a great opportunity to teach children the importance of saving money, It can also be a good motivation for actually saving coins as you look forward to the counting your coins. Many people people also enjoy seeing the process of how the machine sorts and allocates the coins inside their appropriate containers.

These machines have been around for a very long time. I remember using one when I was just a child and running my money through it over and over again just to see them get sorted. The technology behind these machines has come a long way since then.


Considerations When Buying a Coin Sorting Machine:

How often you will be sorting coins?:

If you own a small or large business where you receive coins on a regular basis, I would recommend going with something automatic. Taking it a step further, if you receive a lot of coins on a regular basis, you may even want to go with something a bit more robust.

What type of coins will you be sorting?:

You should make sure the machine you need sorts the type of coins you are using. If you are a collector of foreign or old coins or collect many coins that are not from the U.S. you may have to do some extra digging to find a sorter that is right for you. These machines in this review only cover coins that are based in the U.S.

Is time a factor for you?:

If you are going to be sitting down in front of the TV while sorting coins with no pressing matters to attend to, it might be good enough for you to get one that is manual and will save you a bit more money. Otherwise, an automatic machine will be the best way to go if you don't want to spend four hours counting coins on a regular basis.


Another Coin Counting Option

If you do not receive coins or save them on a regular basis, perhaps a better option would be going to a coin change kiosk such as Coinstar. These machines can take up to 10% of the money you deposit, but they can also be a time saver when you do not want to roll the coins yourself.

In this article, I will be covering five low cost options, and some considerations you should keep in mind when it is time to count your coins. These machines can pay for themselves the first time you use them if you have a lot of coins and the enjoyment you can get from using them is priceless.

Coin Rolls by Denomination

# of Coins
Cash Total
Half Dollars

Turning in Your Coins:

When it is time to turn your coins in at the bank, take the time to count your coin rolls before going to the bank, and if possible, even filing out the deposit slip before hand. This can save you some time at the counter. Please refer to the "Coin Rolls by Denomination Chart" I have compiled below for easy reference.

Preformed wrappers can also be a big time saver when used inside the collection points of the coin counting machines. Even if the machines do not fit the preformed wrappers inside, it saves you the hassle of dealing with the flat coin wrappers. The flat coin wrappers can be time consuming when you try to fold it in preparation to receive the first coin.

More Considerations

  • When buying a coin machine many people tend to complain about the coins jamming so it is important to find a machine that has an anti-jamming mechanism to prevent that from happening while not loading the hopper with too many coins at the same time.
  • If you want a machine this is more portable to sit on your desk or not take up too much space, you should get one that battery powered and doesn't require you to be next to an outlet. Usually these types of sorters are budget friendly and make good gifts for a child or friend.
  • There are also manual solutions that do not require any power or batteries the satisfaction of being part of the action as you easily crank the lever on the side and watch the coins fall in to their appropriate place though the clear casing. It is really interesting to watch. These machines are available at a very low cost as well and don't have as many moving parts so are able to last much longer without any maintenance.

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