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How to save cash and avoid payday lenders.

Updated on June 17, 2014

I really intended to only buy a couple of presents for each person, really I did.

Lavish displays of wealth, how not to spend too much money.

I never seem to have enough money to go round and am always short of cash, especially at Christmas time, the last thing anyone should ever do is resort to using a pay day lender to finance their purchases.

Conspicuous consumption is the lavish spending on goods or services for the purpose of displaying wealth. I am not at all sure that that definition applies to my own conspicuous consumption.

It’s conspicuous enough, for sure, and most of my spending has been on consumables but the purpose wasn't to show how much money I have.

Bit pointless anyway as I really don’t have that much, the thinking behind my over spending went something along the lines of - ‘what on earth will I do if I run out of food over Christmas’ what will my family think of me as a provider? I never spend more cash than I have, I avoid using credit cards and would never, ever put myself in the position of having to borrow money against my wages. Pay day lender charge a massive interest rate. Do not be tempted to borrow in order to overspend.

Well, another Christmas has come and gone and once again I appear to have overspent a little on gifts and overbought on food - a lot!


As I stand looking into my overstuffed fridge filled to bursting with pots of varying sizes containing all sorts of leftovers I am overwhelmed with feelings of guilt. How can I even contemplate throwing any of it away when there are people starving in the world?

Then again, just how many more meals can I serve my family made from yesterdays cooked veg fried, smothered in sauce or blended together to make soup before they rebel and order a take out? Not many more is the answer, their barely suppressed groans as I put down a plate of bubble ‘n’ squeak with fried eggs for dinner last night was a pretty good warning sign that their patience has just about worn out.

The dry fried leftover slices of Christmas pudding served with a dollop of leftover brandy sauce went down quite well as dessert, so at least I have managed to get rid of that.

One food item down and only another twenty to go. At least I know I won't still be paying for all this in a years time.

The moral is never spend what you don't have. If you can't afford it try to do without it. Never take out a cash advance and avoid pay day loans like the plague they are.

The Conspicuous consumption song Performed by the 1970s/80s comedy group Redd Meat & Sproutz.

Next year will be different.

Next year I am really not going to buy too much food, I swear. I am going to say to myself over and over, as I stumble through isle after supermarket isle stuffed with goods screaming ‘BUY ME, BUY ME,’ don’t listen to them.

After all, do I really need another jar of pickled walnuts when I only threw away last year’s opened jar a week before this Christmas? Will the world really come to an end if I run out of Brussels’ sprouts? Will my family disown me if I serve mince pies with cream instead of brandy butter? Actually, I think the answer to that last one might be yes. Okay, so next year I will go easy on the conspicuous consumption thing but I will buy an extra pot of brandy butter. You can never have too much brandy butter - can you?

For great recipies for Christmas or any time of year please check out my blog.

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Do you always overspend at Christmas and other festive times of the year?

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  • GALAXY 59 profile image

    GALAXY 59 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    What a wonderful idea,bettybarnesb, nothing better than a great present that really means something to the person doing the giving.I am so glad that you enjoyed this hub.

  • bettybarnesb profile image

    bettybarnesb 6 years ago from Bartlett, TN

    You love your family - that's all. You want them to know how much you care about them. I, too was faced with the same challange, but I contained myself although it was hard. I have tones of books and some I have had over 30 years. This year since I am not working, I decided not to use my credit card but give them an inexpensive gift along with a Book from my collection that they might like to read. It worked! They love having a book with all the notes I have put in them over the years. Plus the gifts became more meaningful. Enjoyed reading your hub! God Bless.