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Cost of living in Texas

Updated on October 30, 2010
Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas

The cost of living in the place should be a major decision factor when you are choosing a place to move to. Unless you are extremely rich, the place you choose to settle in decides how comfortable your life can be.

Texas being a large state, both in terms of size and number of inhabitants pops up as a choice in so many occasions. Whether you are a student wanting to study in a university in Texas or a working professional who has decided to settle in Texas, this hub will try to provide relevant information to you.

Texas is considered to have a relatively low cost of living compared to lots of other states in the United States. The prices of most amenities here are close to or less than their national average prices. In simple words, it is cheaper to live in Texas than in the other states of USA. But for international students, remember, this is still the US, and if you are coming from places like India, the cost of living would be several times higher than what it costs you to live in your country.

The main cities I am considering here are Houston, Dallas and Austin. The costs of the other cities in Texas are comparable, except that some utilities might get costlier if you get into the more remote places. I will divide the costs of living into the following categories:

  1. Costs of housing
    Houses are really cheap in Texas, period! The costs of housing in Texas are, on an average, over 35% lesser than the costs in the other metropolitan areas. If you are into real estate investment though, consider the fact that appreciation of property is low too. You can get an average apartment for rent for about $750 a month. This figure is slightly lesser for Houston. You can buy an ordinary house for an amount slightly greater than $200,000.

  2. Costs of groceries
    Ah, I am sure you are already impressed and are taking your decision to move to Texas more seriously. Now, lets get to buying your food and other household stuff. You can have a good meal outside for about $20. A loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, milk, all cost less than $3 each. Even a beer costs about $8. Simple clothes like shirts and jeans cost less than $60.

  3. Costs of utilities
    Utilities include electricity, phone, water et cetera. These cost you about $150. This cost is considerably low in Dallas. Of course, this is the average, and it gets costlier if you want a more comfortable life with more utilities. For instance, the cost of a phone connection is $30. Most repairs cost around $65.

  4. Costs of health care
    The cost of health care is almost same as that for any other state in the US. This means, it is quite expensive. This shouldn't be a concern though if you have a job that provides you with medical insurance. There are special options for students too, which means as a student you will generally not be shelling out more than $50 for your monthly premium. Well, even otherwise, the cost of visiting a doctor is just about $70.

Note that the figures provided above are provided for the year 2010. Inflation is fact of life, so do more research. Texas is a very happening place with several annual events, and it also has a rich culture which is a mix of various communities. So, it is unlikely that you will have a boring experience in this state. If you are a student, know that the tuition fees in most universities in Texas are considerably less. For instance, masters degree courses start at about $3000 an year. Deciding to settle in Texas, might be a good decision after all.


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