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Couponing and Misconceptions

Updated on June 11, 2014

Coupon Misconceptions

Why is it when people find out that you coupon some want to say to you congrats but then start telling you why they can't coupon? The list starts with not having time and then it may go into they don't want to buy a bunch of products that they don't use.

Misconception #1: It takes too much time- Just about everyone I know can squeeze in 2 hours a week somewhere in their hectic schedules. If you can not find the time Monday-Friday that's ok. Make a time on the weekend to devote to couponing. You can make couponing as long or as short as you would like. In the beginning it may take a bit longer to get the hang of couponing but once you learn how it goes, you got it. It's much quicker as time goes by.

Misconception #2: Coupons are only for junk food- This is completely untrue. I will admit that there is a good amount of unhealthy foods but you can get healthier foods too. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you choose. If you don't see the healthy foods you like then call or write the healthier companies to see if they have coupons. You will be surprised at the response you get when you express to them how you enjoy their products but can't seem to find any coupons. Another thing you can do when you coupon is use your overage toward a healthy choice.

Misconception #3: Couponers are hoarders and selfish.- Most couponers I know are just wise and frugal. They don't want to waste their hard earned money when they can get the same items for less. I don't know about all couponers but I know that when I buy I certainly take others in consideration. I most certainly do stock up on items for my family and don't consider it hoarding because we use everything I purchase with coupons. As a matter of fact I get such great deals with couponing I try my best to help out a community outreach when I can. There are some couponers that are just selfish and hoard. However, I find most couponers are pretty humble and grateful.

Misconception #4: Buying store brand is cheaper than using coupons- This misconception is so wrong. Yes, you can save greatly by buying store brands but coupons always works to a better advantage if you do it correctly. Example: Let's say you can get a can of store brand beans for 0.60 and the store happens to have the name brand on sale for buy 1 get 1 free. (B1G1 coupon term) Now, if the price is 1.30 for the 1 name brand can of beans but you get one free then you tell me which is cheaper? You are saving 0.10 buying the store brand, right? Wrong.... when you coupon you use a coupon. You are not buying the B1G1 and that is it. You are getting the deal, plus using a coupon. Now, I could go in some serious detail with this. If you can get the name brand beans for cheaper then why spend the same on the cheaper brand?

Misconception #5: Using coupons make it slow at the register and so embarrassing- If you haven't noticed by now that using coupons are a norm. If you go to the grocery store, I am sure you will find someone that has a coupon book or is at the register with coupons. Yes, coupons take more time overall. However, if you are organized and have your coupons ready for the cashier then it will cut your time down tremendously. Most people that are behind you in the line or even the cashier will be amazed at your savings.

Misconception #6: Coupons are for people that have little money.- This myth is so common. I have heard this even by my own mom! I don't want to use coupons because it appears like you are poor. Most people that coupon use their money elsewhere. Some people do coupon to cut expenses and save money because they don't have much money. However, more people just simply like the challenge, want to use the savings elsewhere, or just don't want to pay full price when they can pay less for the same. If you are like me; then all the above applies. I like to save, I enjoy the challenge, and I want to use my savings elsewhere. I like having fun and if I can save $30.00 on one trip to the store then I know I can spend that $30 if I wanted to on something fun like a new purse!

Misconception #7: Savings isn't worth the time.- If you save an average of $200 a month then that is worth the time to most people. That may be half your gas for the month or for the entire month. For some people it could be an electric bill, car payment, daycare, or other bills. By couponing you can relieve financial pressure and you can have items for your family stocked. When you stock up on items, you save time by not having to buy those items for a long while. You save even more time by not having to even think about those items for a while. Less time at the store buying only what you need verses buying all those products you know you already have in stock.

Misconception #8: You buy products you don't even use.- If you don't use it, don't buy it. Unless you are buying it for someone else why waste your time clipping and time looking for the item? Some people buy products they can get overage on even though they don't use the product. In this instance it is ok as long as someone you know will use the product. If you don't think it will be used, just move along to the next item. Contrary to what a lot of people think, there are tons of coupons out there and many choices.

Misconception #9: Newspapers are the only source for coupons.- You can find coupons on the vendor/manufacturer website,,, and many other websites. Nowadays websites have links directly to the coupon and it makes it so convenient. There are online coupon databases where you can search for a specific coupon to see if there is one out there. You can find coupons in magazines, the mail, on products, and on blinkies.

Misconception #10: Coupons can only be used on food.- Untrue. Coupons can be used on everything. Department stores, parks, restaurants, spas, and hair salons have coupons. Many different types of retail offer coupons. Coupons are basically a marketing strategy to get you and me to shop there. This allows us to see their products/services offered and want to come back again.

I hope this helps people take note for the many misconceptions of coupons and people decide to broaden their horizons to give couponing a chance.


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    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 3 years ago from Land of Aloha

      When my own kids were growing up beginning in the early 80s, rebates from companies for merchandise was a big deal. Speaking of couponing, though, here in Hawaii stores don't offer the double coupons that many places in the mainland do and store owners here DO put a limit on what can be redeemed.

    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 5 years ago from Canada

      A great way to cut down on the time is to find a blog or a Facebook page that does match ups for your area. Very helpful!