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Creating Great Sources of Passive Income as a Writer

Updated on March 31, 2012

what is passive income? read this hub to learn how passive income can make your life better

the more money you bring into your home life the better your life will be overall. passive income is a steady stream of income which can help you make major life changes which can be extremely beneficial.
the more money you bring into your home life the better your life will be overall. passive income is a steady stream of income which can help you make major life changes which can be extremely beneficial. | Source

make a great passive income article writing

There are a number of different things you can do as a freelance writer to create passive income. Passive income for a freelance writer is defined as money earned from articles that have already been written and published online. These previously published articles earn an income each month time and time again. Passive income is money earned by doing nothing to make money. Creating a great source of passive income could earn you money for months and years to come.

Can you imagine how much better your life could be overall if you had a steady stream of additional income each month? Earning extra money each month can quickly move your life to a better status overall with creating a passive income.

Article content

Most writers are interested in earning money writing for a living and passive income is the best avenue to take. You may not earn a lot of money with the original publication of an article, but you certainly contribute to creating great sources of passive income by writing terrific articles with fantastic keywords and wonderful search engine optimization which are read or viewed over and over again.

Articles that are viewed more than once will earn income each time they are read. Freelance writers will typically earn most of their passive income from advertising space tied to their articles published on the web. Advertising revenue is shared by the writer and the site that publishes their content.

Writers will earn various percentages of the advertisement revenue with their passive income depending upon which writing site you have distributed your work at. These writing sites are all around the web and vary with the type of content published and the amount of money that can be earned. Some writing sites have better income than others. Most freelance writers belong to more than one.

The names are different, but the way the passive income is earned from these sites is generally the same. Sites such as Hubpages and similar sites which all have resources for writers to share advertising revenue to make money from online articles and are great sources of passive income.


Blogging is one of the best ways to earn passive income. Blogging is attractive for a lot of freelance writers because you are not restricted by a writing sites publication restrictions or requirements for how and what type of content you can publish. Additionally, many writers earn great passive income in addition to affiliated marketing monies.

Affiliate marketing is selling products and income is received in the form of a commission which is usually a percentage of the sale. Blogs can be used for affiliate marketing through writing posts for products and services or advertising them around the blog platform. You can have as many blogs as you would like with as many niches as you want.

Having a blog does not mean you can reduce your writing quality standards. You need to retain your standards for quality and relevant subject matter to get readers and keep them. Blogging will help you create an audience which are retained readers interested in your content and will view it continually if you are good at fashioning quality blog posts.

Passive income is best because you don’t have to keep working at it to earn money. Money is earned each time the content is viewed after you publish it. Some bloggers will earn passive income with blogging by even creating posts that back link your blog to another writing site or another writing site is linked back to your blog.

Use analytics to tweak your skills and create great sources of passive income

Use analytics to follow money when working with passive income to make the most of your work. This means analyzing what content is working to receive the most page views, what keywords are being used to find your content and what content readers are searching for with the least amount of content.

Being able to identify if your content is being found by search engines means that your SEO is working and your page ranking is great. Finding out what keywords are being used can help you develop ideas for content that will receive more page views which earn you more income. Knowing which content readers are looking for with the least amount of competition or content means you will receive more reviews for this type of content. More views for less articles or posts will always make more income.

In conclusion

Any content can bring you a resource for income through article writing and blogging. Make certain you have used wonderful keywords and phrases along with terrific search engine optimization for search engine ranking for your subject matter and great passive income will follow. Ranking well in search engines puts your content in front of the competition for reader’s queries.

There are tons of information and sites around the web that will offer an easy way they can make you passive income. Any site that seems too good to be true generally is. Beware of the scammers which are out to prey on great freelance writers that are simply looking for assistance with monetizing their skills.

Verify that your keyword density remains between 2% and 5%. This is the ideal keyword density for search engine optimization and ranking with search engines for your words and phrases. This will make creating great sources of passive income easier and more productive.

There are tons of skillful writers full of knowledge to share and many are gracious enough to give up some of that knowledge to make your writing better. Absorb all of the info you can to make your writing better which will make your passive income increase and put more money in your pockets.

This is a little bit of great background on creating great sources of passive income. Articles and blogging are


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    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 5 years ago from New York

      Another great article. I got here through browsing your Redgage info. I too belong to Hubpages. Free platforms do work to create residual income.

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      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      You always give great information on how to make this whole writing on the internet work. Thank you. Voted us and useful.

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      AnnaCia 5 years ago

      thanks for the information.