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Creative Jobs for Art Students

Updated on April 9, 2013

Economic Crisis

Today's students have been born and brought up in a tough-economy period. The importance of education has increased manifold but the expenses of education too have increased following the same pace. Education has become far expensive than difficult. In this economic crisis every student need to be engaged in any part-time or freelance employment, otherwise managing expenditure becomes almost impossible.

Art is the most expansive field

Art programs and courses are one of the most expensive among all fields in colleges and universities. On one hand routine fees and dues are difficult to pay on the other hand daily expenditures are also great. Art gadgets, equipments and other materials are always costly. For example a single brush of Winsor & Newton ranges from $ 5-10 and a student needs to have at least 5-10 brushes to make a painting. While you are in your professional career you can manage purchasing expensive products but as a student its difficult.

Photography is a great way to save some money
Photography is a great way to save some money
Nature is so beautiful to get inspiration for photography
Nature is so beautiful to get inspiration for photography
A perfect moment to capture a picture
A perfect moment to capture a picture
Sketching for sale
Sketching for sale
Work as a nail art expert at a beauty salon
Work as a nail art expert at a beauty salon
Work as a face painting expert
Work as a face painting expert
Sell your illustrations online
Sell your illustrations online
Place your dried-flower arrangements at a craft shop
Place your dried-flower arrangements at a craft shop
Pottery is a simple ethnic craft but has great market
Pottery is a simple ethnic craft but has great market
Work as a tourist guide
Work as a tourist guide

Art students experiment with different things throughout their student life. They create things that marvel their teachers and family members. They learn to appreciate nature and capture its beauty in photos, paintings and sculptures. They have so much to create and everything is fun to do. As a student they can take advantage of their abilities by showing the world their talent. There are many advantages they can get out of it: first, they will be able to earn some dollars for their studies; second, they will get exposure before they come out in the practical field; third, they will get appreciation from more people as their work will be seen by more people and last, they will get feedback which will help them in getting new ideas and improving their performance.

Being an art student I always got benefits which others can not have. I sold my paintings, sketches, did fashion designing on orders etc. This was fun and at the same time great way to earn for the expenses of my studies. I have listed below few of the ways in which you too can earn money.


Many of the art students are good at photography but if you are not you can learn it within a month or two. What you need to do is do a short course in photography basics from a near-by institute or else check out online courses. If you don't want to spend money then you can even learn photography for free of cost from any useful photography website on the internet. Below I have mentioned about some websites that contain useful resources on photography.

Having understanding of basic principles and elements of arts you will learn photography readily and in better manner than others. Now how can you earn from photography? Its easy and you just need to do some beautiful photo-shoots. In most of the photography contests you can apply online. The prizes are usually bigger and worth your efforts.

  • Photo Competitions This is a photography competitions, contests and awards database. This is an excellent resource for photography competitions and you can subscribe to this website. Keep looking for new contests that suits you and you can apply there.

Paintings Displays and Exhibitions:

During the whole session art students create several paintings in different mediums, and on different themes. What you create as a student is always great because you have an instructor at your back who guides you at each step and you yourself are energetic and are part of a competition. When your semester ends you have a couple of paintings in your hand, you can display these paintings at a place and advertise the exhibition. Ask your friends to join you and exhibit paintings of the whole class or group. People will come to see them, some of your paintings will be sold others will get appreciation. You will get exposure and if you invite some people who know about art, you will get guidance too for your next projects. In summer vacations working in a group you can create 4-5 paintings each on a theme and near the end of your summer break you can can display them and get money in return.

Sketching for Sale

Sketching is something that is the least expensive form of art. Sketching is part of every art course curriculum. Usually it is taught in the first two semesters because it is the bases for any drawing, painting, sculpture or designing. Many students are earning from sketching on order. You can make use of your social networking site or if you own a website its easy to advertise your sketching skills. Many of the students upload sketching pictures on Facebook and Twitter and readily get fame. A single sketch costs not more than 5-10 dollars but it can be sold up to 50 dollars depending on your perfection.

Makeup Artists

If you are good at drawing and painting it means that you can also become good makeup artist. Until you get your art degree in your hand and go for some job you can apply for any part-time makeup artist job and start earning from there.

Tattoos Artists

Tattoos are quite in now-a-days. Young people especially love to have their arm, wrist or shoulders tattooed. By attending few classes in tattooing you can learn the techniques of tattooing and can easily start your own tattoo studio or else can work as an assistant with a tattoo artist.

Fashion Illustration

Students of fashion designing can make use of their illustrations skills. If you know how to make use of digital media in fashion illustration don't let your skills go waste. There are many illustrators who work online and they are earning handsome amount from it. There are websites that advertise jobs in the field of fashion designing around the world and you can apply online. You just need to have a good portfolio so that you can get positive response.

Jewelry Designing

Some ethnic, traditional and not-so-clichéd jewelery can be designed at home by using simple things like beads, stones, metal chains and fasteners. One of my friend started jewelry designing when she was a high school student. She got appreciation and positive response from her family members and friends. Later she started her own website through which she has started getting orders and is quite successful. Jewelry designing is very profitable small business for young students.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most common part-time job. People of any age are involved in freelance writing. There are plenty of websites that give you options to write and earn. Though earning is not great in the beginning but steadily earning increases.

Earning from Crafts

There are crafts that can be learned in few days. If you already know about any craft you can make use of it. Hand-made greeting cards, gift wrapping, flower making, flower arrangements, bangles decoration, are some of the crafts in which one can earn easily and cheaply. The initial costs are little and earnings are great. Crafts can be sold in many ways. 

  • Sell your craft to a local craft shop.
  • Make your own website, advertise your craft and sell them.
  • Advertise your craft by your social networking site and get orders.
  • Promote about your craft among your college fellows and you will soon have many orders. Word-of-mouth is one of the fastest way to advertise your craft.
  • Create your own home-based studio where you can have a display of your crafts and invite people to come and visit.

Guide to your Country's Tourists

There are girls and guys who become guide to country tourists. We all know well about our own country or city and we can guide tourists that will be fun to do too. It is an adventurous job and great way of spending your free time. 


If you have in-depth knowledge of politics, fashion, history, cultures, etc you can become a part-time freelance journalist. Start posting your articles to any magazine or newspaper of your choice and once you get positive response you will get more good responses.


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    • shaymarie profile image

      Shay Marie 

      5 years ago from California

      While this hub does highlight ways for a young artists to make money while in school, getting an actual full time job in art AFTER you graduate can be very difficult. It's a competitive field, actual salaried art positions are becoming rarer and rarer, and because the many subsets of arts are undervalued, many art jobs pay very very poorly.

      Often times, if art is your passion, you can pursue it without going to a 4 time University. Certainly everything mentioned in this article can be pursued with either individual classes, a trade school (such as a beauty school), or simply by doing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i am an art student but i do not know any career for it

    • profile image

      ArtUp Team 

      7 years ago

      Art contests are an awesome opportunity for art and design students. Not only does this allow them to "network", gain exposure, build their resume, and create opportunities for future professional relationships - the prizes for winners usually have enormous benefits including cash prizes and 'hardware'.

      For students looking for an art competition with continuous benefits for ALL participating artists - check out ArtUp (on Twitter @BrittenArtUp or this contest is all about connecting the participating artists with Britten's 6,000+ clientele. It's an awesome way to network, and also get your work displayed in large-format. The website should be up soon -


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