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dave ramsey, my husband, and me

Updated on September 9, 2011


ok i'm up a creek and no paddle in sight.  i just got the book.  and i'm stoked.  tmmo by the way.  i'm ready.  i want to be debt free.  i'm ready to live like no one else so i can live like no one else.  here's the problems.  our credit is fubar.  we have no savings.  we're getting kicked out of our house.  we have opportunity to move to a used trailer but where the trailer is it may not stay because the person who owns the land may not want us out there.  it's  a long story.  my husband is putting everything on me.  he's already theoretically spent my tax refund before i get it.   he's got it going to a down payment for a new trailer, fixing his suburban, and 500 other things.  i'm freaking out as well because i just started school and took out about 20000 worth of student loans.  i work in child care and make about 200 a week with child care for my daughter is 80 a week.  my husband is a truck driver who delivers construction materials so he isn't working in the winter right now.  my mortgage shot up to 1000 a month.  utilities are about 150.  phone and internet 120.  do we see where i have a problem?  i'm scared.  i know moving to the trailer is the best option.  it'll be 250 a month instead of 1000.  and that will help.  and i'll still work at the daycare.  and once spring happens my husband will start doing 60 hours a week so he'll pull about 500 or more a week.  i guess i'm just ranting and whining and freaking out.  my in laws are mad because of the house situation.  they "worked so hard to get" us this house.  my father in law is a real estate agent.  at the time we signed for this house i was making 2500 a month.  and now we're "just throwing it all away and throwing it in " their faces.  so they are completely against us moving even though we are living in a house way beyond our means.  they are very keeping up with the joneses.  we're tired of the joneses cuz they're broke too.  they are always saying how they have no money but my mil just got 3 ruby necklaces for christmas from my fil.  they have a 300000 dollar house and neither one really works.  i'm sorry i'm rambling.  and ranting.  i guess i'm just venting more than anything.  the thing that scares me the most is it just seems like my husband and i are never on the same page.  and never will be.  and i'm scared that because of that no matter what i try it won't work.  i reaaly want this to work.  i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  and i don't want to take it anymore.  but how can i convince my husband that great value jelly is the same as welch's.  or that store brand anything is the exact same as the name brand just cheaper.  and we can afford cheaper.  we can't afford to pay for a name.  does anyone else have trouble with their inlaws and sig others not getting on board?  is it doable by yourself?  or am i just going to keep getting by just to have my husband pull me back down?  thanks for reading.


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    9 years ago

    Coming from the other side and down to only having a mortage to pay on.

    You need to sit down and comunicaate with your husband and both of you have to realise that all of the bills are not His or Hers but Ours.

    He may have the whole tax planned for, some may be ligitamet others could be wants. Go through them and plan as if there is no money and only do the have to in order to live. (Ie the radio in the suburban does not need to work)

    As for the Jelly have him name 5 things (Welchers, Heniz Ketcup, Frenchs Mustard) that he can tell the difference and the rest is free game for Value brands. (This is cheap compromise)

  • McKenzie S profile image

    McKenzie S 

    9 years ago

    No matter what happens, things will get better sooner or later. Believe me, I've had my share of down turns and tailspins in the last few years. I always think the worst and then I remember that somewhere else someone is worse off.

    I heard Dave Ramsey on the radio a few years ago. He inspired me enough to buy his book and check out his web site. Believe it or not, it still took a year before I put his strategy to work for me. I have no regrets. Follow his plan and it will work.

    Your biggest thing to conquer right now is getting your husband on the same page as you. You need to have him read Dave's book and hope he sees it. Better yet, you need to go to Dave's site and get the CD's and listen to them. He has a complete kit for sale. Yes, it costs money but it will be well spent.

    Remember, right now the whole Country is dealing with turmoil from the economy. You are on the right track. Don't worry about the inlaws. It sounds like they know how to dig their own hole.

    Good Luck


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