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How to buy Dogecoins - A Tutorial for First Timers

Updated on January 20, 2014

What is Dogecoin?

According to Wikipedia: Dogecoin is a Litecoin-derived cryptocurrency that uses the Shiba Inu dog character from the 'Doge' Internet meme as its mascot. As of January 13, 2014, 28% of the 100 billion total dogecoins have been mined. The price of Dogecoin is highly volatile due to its relatively short existence. Dogecoin was created by former IBM engineer Billy Markus. He was originally messing with an existing crypto currency called Bells that was based on the game Animal Crossing by Nintendo. With the help of his friend and marking agent Jackson Palmer the Dogecoin was created.

Where Can I use Dogecoins?

These days you can buy almost anything you want with crypto currencies. Although Dogecoin may not be as widely accepted as the more common Bitcoin, it is gaining more traction every day. Many people accept Dogecoins for web design and marketing services. You can even use it to buy Beer, Pizza, and hardware for your pc. Dogecoins can be used just like any other currency as long as the receiving party is willing to accept them.

Much Coin, Wow
Much Coin, Wow

Information about buying Dogecoins

Now that you like the idea of Dogecoin you are probably wondering how to get some. If you have been searching online you have probably realized that buying Dogecoin directly with a Credit Card or PayPal is impossible. Even with Bitcoin this is not possible. Because of things that Credit Cards allow such as chargebacks purchasing any crypto currency this way is not possible. This may seem like a big problem but it's not. I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

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How to buy Dogecoins in the US with Cash

Buying Dogecoins directly is still a bit tough so you will most likely have to buy Bitcoins first. The first stop would be looking at your local Craigslist ads for Bitcoin. You can also try looking for Dogecoin via this method but you probably wont have much luck. If you do then all the better. Dogecoin is getting more and more popular every day and could even be more popular than Bitcoin one day so keep checking. I actually did have a Dogecoin listing available locally to me.

The next place you can check is

Dogecoin Survey

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How To Complete The Buying Process

So now you made it over to Localbitcoins provides and escrow service for the protection of the buyer and the seller. The process is very simple -

1. Enter the zipcode for your location.

2. Now click a contact or local deal.

3. In US Dollars enter the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) you want to buy.

4. Now hit "Send Trade Request"

After the request is received the seller will send his Bitcoin to localbitcoins to hold until a meeting is arranged and a successful transaction takes place. After you and the deal exchange cash localbitcoins is notified and the bitcoins are released. You will immediately receive a text message confirming the transaction.

Trading your Bitcoin for Dogecoin

Now that you have acquired some bitcoin, the last thing to do is trade it for some Doge. To do this head over to Cryptsy.

They are located at

Cryptsy offers and exchange service to go from almost any crypto currency to another. Go ahead and trade your newly acquired bitcoin for Doge. After that withdraw it from your Crypsty account and enjoy your new Doge.

Buying Doge Directly With USD Online

If you decide that buying Dogecoin locally with cash is not for you head over to

You can find them at:

The buying process is fairly simple.

1. Choose an order from the order book and enter your email address.

2. Go to the local bank branch you chose and pay the sum to the account given on the confirmation page.

3. Email the receipt you receive from the bank to

You should receive the coins within one hour of confirming the transaction with the seller.

The best thing to do with Doge is leave tips, so feel free to leave one to the address given below if you found this article useful.

Dogecoin Address: D9jzvRaUWWdyoWkyr3if1uU82WQqm2dEfB


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