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Earn and Save in Vacations for College Expenditures

Updated on January 15, 2011

College expenditures never ends until the college is on. During working days hectic study schedule make it impossible for the students to participate in any part-time job. Vacation presents a great opportunity to work, earn and save for college expenses. The time duration for job during vacation can be as much as required. Vacation jobs are usually more than just earning money and therefore their benefits can not be underestimated. To make your vacations profitable look for jobs before vacations start. Get help from your friends and family members, if they knew about a job they will inform you. 

Benefits of Vacation Employment

Have you ever worked as a vacation employer in any field? If yes please share which of the following benefit you gained from your job experience?

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Vacation's Job can be Fun

Some students say that earning money or working to earn money in vacations may spoil all vacations. This is true if you decide to carry bricks for a construction site, which I hope you will not. Even that is not a bad idea if you enjoy strenuous tasks. There are other jobs that do not require much time and energy but give you a chance to secure money for college expenses. In June, 2008 I had vacations from college and I decided to write some poems. I published them on a poetry contest site and earned from it. It was a passive job I did. I did not need to go outside or work for long time but still I made some money. 

A Job Related to your Own Field

Actually vacations should be spent in such a way that you learn something new related to your own field and if you can earn too from this learning this is a double treat for you. Don't go off the track just keep yourself to your own field and do something creative which you can not manage to do in your routine work days. Who does not like to have a rich resumé, if you work on some project related to your own field in vacations you can mention it in your resumé which will give it extra weight. Many companies greatly appreciate such things.

Discover Your Abilities and Polish Them

You just need to know what you are best at. If you know how to write, write something that interests you and publish it; if you love to take pictures, do some nice photography and get a chance to win prizes; if you have the ability to draw and sketch, create a home-based or online sketching studio where you can make sketches on order and if you can write good resumé then you can provide online resume advisory service. These are only few of the unlimited options we have and from which we can choose one.

You might be good at painting, photography, sketching or writing. These skills should not go in waste. If you plan to have an exhibition of your paintings near the end of vacations, create some paintings and display them when completed. Don't forget to use creative advertising methods to get more audience. During every semester we learn so many new things these things should be practically applied in vacations. 

Online Vacation Employment Programs

If you are confused how to start a job during vacations, there are free advisory services as well as employment programs that guide you from the beginning till end.

  • BHP Billiton Vacation Employment Program: BHP Billiton is an online company that provides vacation employment opportunity. It provides fair chance for the students around the globe to work in vacations and earn experience as well as money. They basically recruit students from variety of disciplines like engineering, science, mining science and business. The students are given job opportunities according to their interest and a team of supervisors supervise them on any difficulty they encounter. BHP Billiton's vacation employment program coincides with almost every university's vacation schedule around the globe.
  • APESMA: APESMA is an online advisory service for vacation employment. You can read about the vacation's work guidelines. Its main objective is to provide vacation employment guidelines to students of engineering, architecture and pharmacy. It gives comprehensive information on how to apply, where to apply, when to apply, when you will get paid and what sort of work you should do.
  • These are only two of the many advisory services available on the internet. They provide you great opportunity but do not forget to apply before vacations commence.  

The Benefits of Vacation Employment

The benefits of vacation employment are many and you can not say that it is just monetary benefits which will be obtained.

  • Money of course: Money of course is the first thing in your mind when you will look for a job in vacations, so never compromise on a job that gives you more money than the other one. This money is worth earning because you can pay your college fees and other expenses with this earning. You can even purchase useful resource books which your parents may not be able to buy for you. So money making does not mean that you will only enjoy or can have better clothes for your next college term but by buying useful books you can have an extra option to excel among your fellows.

  • Practical Application of Theoretical Knowledge: As a student you read about so many things during the whole session but have less chances to practically apply them and learn their practical application. I was a student of textile science and I had always a desire to know what all these machines are like in reality and how they operate, in vacations I did an internship with a textile industry where I got to knew about the quality control and other factors which were not clear when I just read them in the form of text. The 2-D experience does not suffice when you look at things in their real form and work on them you learn in reality.

  • Socialization and Exposure: Vacation employment presents an opportunity to meet with new people related to your own field and develop friendship. You start to become part of a bigger network. It provides an opportunity to have exposure among companies who can later recruit you for permanent jobs. Internship is therefore a great job for vacations,if you have the talent the company with which you did internship will be very much interested in taking you as a permanent employee in future.
  • Resumé Enhancement: Students who work on different projects in vacations are greatly admired by the companies.This will add to the weight of your C.V. This will also show your dedication and zeal to work. As a student enter into the practical world he may have no experience, as a result, the chances for getting jobs lessen. Those students who worked and experienced in vacations have better chances to get a sophisticated job.


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