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Changing Your Economic Reality Means Cash Flow

Updated on April 10, 2011

More Debt than Money

In the economic crisis that is affecting many individuals and families today, is a result of not having enough cash flow coming in with consistency. In most cases the income from our jobs are not enough to make ends meet. Each month we see more debt than income that is causing us to rob Peter to pay Paul or just skip paying either.

In Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad, he says "it is important to learn how to have money working for you instead of you working for money". The question is what must I do so I can make this happen in my life? The answer is having a monthly cash flow. The reality is most
people do not know how, don't understand it or have accepted financial struggle as a way of life.

Five Cash Flow Tips

Having a monthly cash flow is not a hard and complicated process. Listening to the doom and gloom of an economic picture that is presented to us 24/7 has instilled a poverty and lack mindset that blinds us from doing things we can do to improve our own financial picture. The lack of financial education and our approach to making money is a big stumbling block. Having a monthly cash flow with staying power means having knowledge and knowing how to use it as the driving force. Let's look at some of the reasons that can contribute to us not have a consistent monthly cash flow:

  • Stop Being A Lone Ranger: You must learn how to network. The wealthy make money working together as collaborate group. Immigrants coming into American know how to pool their money so it grows and multiplies.

Suggestion: Start a cash flow mastermind group; Join online communities, forums and groups that are related to money making interest (known as a niche)--yes, get a niche if you don't already have one; that's the next point--and build relationships with people who have an interest in your products and services. Be where your potential prospects are and offer them value. Find others who share your mindset, maybe even potential competitors or individuals in related product/service areas, and collaborate with them for mutual progress and profit.

  • Turn Your Hobby or Life Passion into an Income Producer: Get a niche. All business that are cash flow producers began as an idea inside someones mind. You may not realize it you, but you are creative, enterprising, innovative and resourceful. You just fail to tap into and use this talent. For many of us we at times have been forced to use this talent because we had no other choice,we either didn't have the means or weren't provided the opportunities to do anything other than figure things out for ourselves just to survive. So that shows we do have the skills but failed to take it to keep it going.

Suggestion:You now know to succeed and keep things moving means connecting with others, you can not do it alone. For whatever reason you know how to make cash flow happen because you did it. It is important to not get so excited about doing your own thing that you try to be all things to all people. Narrow your focus to doing a few things well. As you refine your niche to be an in demand product or service in the market place, you can expand your business based on a solid and proven foundation.

  • Stop Being Desperate and Needy: You never need to hard sell a product or service. You need to provide quality that solves a problem or provides relief. The focus is offering to be of service to others. Nobody wants to be pressured into buying. Believe in yourself, your product or service and share all its benefits and then you'll start seeing some cash flow.

Suggestion: Sending random email message about what you are offering will not do it any more. Bombarding your family and friends with sales pitches and not benefits is not a good idea either. In today's sso call strapped economy people have become very suspicious about
anything that means spending money with a person or a thing that they have no connection with. Got an marketable product or service let the benefits do the selling, this is a much easier way to increase your coffers with a cash flow.

  • Be Different...Be Original: Stop following the crowd. If you're starting your own home based business, network marketing, MLM or any other entrepreneur opportunities,understand that several thousands of other people are doing the exact same thing too. Because of the economy the competition is fierce. Everybody chasing after the same target market.

Suggestion:To escape the rat race, you will need to provide a service or product that offers outstanding value whether in quality of service, delivery, cost, expertise, or complementary products and services to make what you provide better than the competition. The name of the
game is how different can you be? Remember the saying "its the early bird who gets the worm" the folks that got in early have already reaped the first wave of benefits of not being distinctive. The good thing is they have paved the way, now its your turn to be the early bird getting the worm on a new path you pave by being distinct and different. If you take this approach can be a big pay off . If you do not you'll just be off to the next new thing in a few weeks without a cash flow paddle.

  • Release the FEAR: Don't be afraid to go after improving your cash flow. If you're not out there trying to get your hustle on, you'll never become the financial success that you know you can be. If you're not making mistakes, you'll never truly succeed. we all do things wrong every day but mistakes are to used as lessons to learn from. You can never grow if you do not make a mistake, experience a failure or set back. All these things make us stronger and help us to give value in service through the products and services we bring to our communities.

Suggestions: Step out on Faith to make it happen. Don't get caught up in the media hype. Be determined and stay focus on the goal of improving economic reality. Ask questions, study what's working for other people, test new ideas and be open to change--keep a flexible
and optimistic view of the world, entrepreneurship can be challenging but it's not a killer. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit so that your business fulfillment and monthly cash flow will find you.


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