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Fast Credit Repair-Never Use a Credit Repair Company If You Want Fast Credit Repair Results

Updated on November 28, 2009

Trying To Clean up Your Credit Fast?

If you are looking for fast credit repair tactics and seriously are considering paying a credit repair lawyer or firm STOP.After you read this article you probably should rethink your approach. The article below is going make it clear to you why you should avoid use a paid credit repair company and why carrying out the credit repair by yourself is going to provide you with the fast credit repair results you are on the lookout for and save you alot of money.

Here Is Why For Profit Credit Score Repair Firms Are No Good?

Right from the start these companies are charging you before they even begin by asking for a set up fee that averages $50. Then after that the service is based on a monthly fee that averages around $79. This monthly charge gives the credit repair company alot of motivation to slow the process up a bit so they can make more money.

What is not that well know is that most credit repair companies will require you to secure a copy of your credit report, on top of this you will need to tell them what items you want disputed. They will also have the credit bureaus send the dispute result letters to your residence. Once you get these letters in the mail you will have to somehow get them to the credit repair company, adding more time and required effort to the process!

You can avoid all of this with self credit repair, plus you will make the whole process go much faster because you are working for yourself! Although it sounds scary do not let self credit repair scare you away because it is actually really easy to perform. You may be thinking "i have no idea how to do credit repair", well relax because there are many great guides on the subject that are pretty affordable.

What Is The Best Way To Get Credit Repair Guidance?

Probably the best way to get all the information you need is to buy a self credit repair kit.There are many available online and all can be downloaded right to your PC after you purchase. The range of products is quite extensive and starts with basic books and stops with computer credit repair software designed to make the process go alot faster and easier. A good piece of advice is to steer clear of the bargain priced credit repair books that cost as little as $10. Most of these books contain very little information and the information they do present is normally out of date.

How Soon Can I Expect Results With Self Credit Repair?

In about 30 or 45 days you should start to see dramatic results if you work hard and follow a proven plan. Even though this may not seem like fast credit repair it is a realistic frame of time for things to start happening with self credit repair. If a credit repair company tells you they can do it faster they are probably doing things that are against the law and you should avoid them!


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