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Fifty Ways to Earn a Dollar a Day Online: Make a Passive Income on the Internet

Updated on August 11, 2015

Yes, You Can Earn Money Online!

Almost two years ago, I started blogging as a way to build up my in-person business. I discovered as I went along that there were all kinds of online earning opportunities, and I slowly began to see an income from my efforts. The first year, I made almost $200.00 from combined sources, and then in January of this year, I decided that I would put a significant amount of effort into learning how to make money online.

The very first thing I learned is not to depend on income from only one site, as I saw my earnings drop significantly when one site changed their rules, and I decided that I should diversify my efforts. So I decided to see if I could come up with a way to earn an average of $1.00 a day from each of fifty sources, which would bring me a yearly income of $18,250. And here are my own methods and sources for earning online!

Just so you know, this is not a get-rich-quick method. My first three months, I made fifty-eight cents. My first full year, I made about $200. My second full year, I made just over $950. By continuing to work, I am on track to make quite a bit of money next year -- and who knows where it will lead? (In January of 2011, I am at 178.5 per cent of my January 2010 earnings, so I have close to doubled what I made last year by this time.) My earnings method focuses on residuals, where I work one time, and get paid small amounts for a long time. While not every bit of work I have done has earned the cost of the time I put into it (yet), as they continue to earn, I expect over the next few years to see that my earnings will continue to improve relative to the time invested. Remember, this is a long-term strategy!

What You Must Know Before You Begin

Most of the methods for making money online are from advertising, or affiliate sales. There is a cardinal rule to remember: Never ask someone to click on an ad! This is called a "fraudulent click" and may end up getting your account banned for life. So please do not ask people to click on ads. In fact, you should warn your friends and relatives who read your content never to click on ads. You don't want to jeopardize your future earning potential for the sake of a few pennies!

The same goes for affiliate sales. Do not ask people to click affiliate links. It's not good practice and can easily get you banned from the site, or at least have the money returned to the provider. Don't risk your online earning potential--play fair!

And finally: Do not write spammy, low-quality articles and ruin things for everyone. At least three excellent sites have either gone offline this year or are closed to new writers because people wrote innumerable variations on an article titled "How to Find Cheap Lunchboxes" and the content of their article was basically, to use Google to search for cheap lunchboxes. Write quality content and help not only your own earnings, but everyone else's, too!

Make Money Online by Writing Articles

Do you have an interest in writing articles to make money online?

See results
Your thoughts--random, complex, simple, short or long--can be turned into cash!
Your thoughts--random, complex, simple, short or long--can be turned into cash!

Writing and Publishing Articles--Residuals

Are you strongly opinionated, with informed opinions, or do you have a passion, or even a hobby? If you also have a good grasp of spelling and grammar, you have everything you need to write articles online.

Writing articles with unique and interesting content is the most stable way of earning online. You should not expect to see steady earnings from a site until you have at least 100 articles on that one site, and those 100 articles have been there for three to six months. (Yes, that's a lot of writing, and waiting!) If you're planning on writing for all of these sites, I encourage you to concentrate on just one site until you reach 100 articles, then diversify. And remember, you won't get rich quickly--you may not see any earnings for several months, or longer. Of course, HubPages should be first on your list! But there are lots of other places, including:

  • Seekyt -- No longer recommended. The site has been sold, and writers have lost the ability to delete their work.
  • EarnWrite -- Articles must be a minimum of 250 words. At first you will have a 50/50 Adsense share. After ten articles, you will have an 80/20 Adsense share. You add a website address in your account, and each article you write has a link back to your website. Publishers also earn from Amazon, and may earn from either Infolinks or Kontera, but not both.
  • Factoidz -- Articles must be a minimum of 400 words and there is an application process. Content may be republished elsewhere after having been published on the Factoidz site for thirty days.
  • Infobarrel -- has an approval process. You must write at least ten articles that are approved manually by the staff; after that you are pre-approved and your articles will be live as soon as you publish them. Each article may have as many links to other Infobarrel articles as you like; you may have two outgoing links from each article, as long as those links appear after the first paragraph. Approximately one-quarter of your articles may have affiliate links. Infobarrel pays through Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon. Your share is 75% of impressions; contests each month allow you to increase that to 90% for the following month (the contest is a $100 Amazon gift card, and the points system in the contest allows you to increase your ad share). Infobarrel also has a referral program; they will allocate 2% of the site's ad impressions to the referrer. Infobarrel articles must be four hundred words or longer.
  • Demand Studios I do not recommend working for Demand Studios because of their lack of transparency and questions about residual payments. Demand Studios pays either upfront, or via a "secret algorithm" for residuals. In addition, you will give up the copyright for your work. Paypal earnings are usually deposited by the 10th of the following month for residuals; you must earn a minimum of $10 for payout for residuals. Up-front payments are paid twice weekly.
  • MyGeoInfo -- No longer active except for approved writers, because of an influx of poor-quality articles.
  • TheInfoMine -- No longer active except for approved writers, because of an influx of poor-quality articles.
  • GlobeTales -- articles must be about travel, 350-word minimum length. Two external links are allowed, but no affiliate links. 100% of Adsense revenue goes to you, but the parameters for signing up for this site differ from other Adsense sites in that you must specify certain settings in Adsense for this to work. Each article is manually reviewed before being posted on the site.
  • Triond -- eligible for Adsense revenue after you have published five articles. Triond pays 50% of Adsense impressions and pays for views.
  • Xomba -- Articles must be 300 words. You can no longer include an affiliate link. Xomba has discontinued their referral program. Xomba has a 60/40 Adsense impression share.
  • The Free Resource -- accepts articles with a minimum of 700 words; these articles must be based on credible sources (they prefer sites in the .edu or .gov domains). Writers must be prepared to submit one article per month, and they share ad revenue (their term is "generous; my sources tell me 50%) but you do not have to have an Adsense account. Your article may also be offered an upfront payment.
  • WonderHowTo -- make videos, write instructional articles, and more. Pays 100% of Adsense. All submissions are manually reviewed.
  • TNTPages -- new, you submit your articles, which are manually approved, and then you will receive an invitation to add your Adsense code; they offer a 70% share. When you have "a large number of articles," that will be bumped to an 80% share.
  • Bubblews -- you either love it or hate it. Payment can be confusing or delayed, and you must stick to the rules very closely! Think of it as Facebook but getting paid for status updates.
  • Wizzley -- I love the layout and many options for earning.
  • Zujava -- Alas, Zujava has closed its doors for good. I liked the site, but the earnings just were not there.

All these sites except Demand Studios allow you to retain the copyright to your articles. All the sites require that your content be exclusive to the site where you publish it. Any place you choose to write for, make sure that you write useful and interesting articles. Just another "make money online" article with a referral or affiliate link at the end is not going to make you money in the long run. Without that original content, you're simply cluttering up the Internet!

Article Writing Sites

How many writing sites here were new to you?

See results

Earn Money Online with Affiliate Sales

There are many places that will allow you to earn through affiliate sales. By providing a link from an article or a blog post to a product that you believe in, you will be able to earn a small commission each time someone buys something from your link.

  • Amazon -- the key here is to get people on to the Amazon site, by any means you can. Once there, most people will browse (if they have an account there already, stuff they have been searching for will be shown). How can you get people on to the Amazon site? Try a Listmania! list (for example, I have an article on upgrading your wardrobe that links to a listmania! list of upscale buttons on Amazon), a customer review, or link to a search page rather than an individual item. As long as you are using your affiliate ID in the code, you will receive credit from any sales from that sesson (look for the "Link to this page" link on the grey stripe, and read here how to shorten your URL)
  • Zazzle -- You do not have to have items to sell on Zazzle. You can receive an affiliate commission for linking with your affiliate code to items someone else has put on Zazzle. So if you have a friend with a crafty bent, link to their items, give them some backlinks to their products, and earn an affiliate commission for yourself at the same time! In addition, if you are a photographer, or have a gift for pithy sayings, Zazzle is a great way to put products out there and make a little money, too! Even better, you have to be only 13 years old to start a Zazzle store and get paid, so this is a great entry program for teenagers to start to get a feeling for business!
  • Commission Junction -- has almost 3,000 advertisers, including, Arkiv music, hosting programs, domain name registration programs, allposters,com, and of course thousands more. Definitely worth signing up for, however, you should already have a large body of work, as they will move your account into dormancy if you do not have a sale within six months.
  • Cafe Press -- You can be an affiliate and not actually design anything. The affiliate program is through Commission Junction. You are limited to fifty items per store,
  • Plimus -- Mostly software and ebooks. I signed up because of one product I got that I thoroughly believe in and couldn't do without as a writer: Liquid Story Binder XE!
  • Avangate -- again, a software product that turned out to be so valuable to me as a writer, I use this on every article, bookmark, and more that I write: Site Content Analyzer. You'll be glad you invested in this!
  • Shareasale -- I tried other affiliates without much luck, but shareasale has products that I really love.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Sales

How many of these affiliate sales sites were new to you?

See results

Earn Money Online with Photos

If you have a digital camera, it's fast to make money from it--repaying the cost of the camera is pretty easy! Be sure to read each site's Terms and Conditions carefully, and decide whether you want exclusive or non-exclusive agreements.

Make Money Online with Photos

How many of these photo sites were new to you?

See results
Yes, it's a lot of work, but you really can make money online!
Yes, it's a lot of work, but you really can make money online!

Earn Money Online with Social Bookmarking

That's right--you can promote the articles that you, or others, have written and get paid just for posting the link and a short summary! These can be individual blog entries, websites, articles, photos, or just about anything with an internet address. The best way is to write a new summary of 2 to 4 sentences in length, tweak the SEO a little, and get some different long tail keywords.

  • Snipsly - 80% of ad impressions on your pages are on your account, 20% on theirs. Checked for duplicate content.
  • RitePad - an 80/20 Adsense rotation. Articles must be a minimum of 300 words to get a maximum of two outgoing backlinks.
  • Best-Reviewer -- List your three, five, or ten best of anything. A backlink from each of the items to your article. You get at least one Adsense block on each page. Premium membership (just over $2 per month) allows you all the Adsense blocks on your pages.
  • Foodloversweb - Temporarily off-line, promised summer of 2014.
  • SheToldMe - of the three ad blocks on pages of backlinks you create, two are yours. If you refer someone, the third ad block on their page is yours. No longer accepting new signups, because the owner is promoting his site, Best-Reviewer.
  • Redgage - averages 86 cents per 1000 views. Some backlinks may be paid bonuses.
  • Xomba -- Bookmarks must be 100 words, and each link must be original to the site. Xomba has a 60/40 ad impression share, and has discontinued their referral program. Xomba has once again changed their policy and will now allow you to link to your own work again.
  • TipDrop - 75% of Adsense impressions are yours. You cannot post links until you have a credibility score of 110. In addition, if someone comes to Tipdrop through your referral link, all "site" pages show up with your Adsense ID.
  • AddblogURL - 100% of Adsense revenue is yours.
  • KarmaLynx - another leveraged backlink site. Again, from their site:

Our top contributor automatically gets 90% revenue share, and the rest of the top 10 receive 80% (2-10).
The contributor of our #1 visited article, automatically gets 90% revenue share.
Contributor with the most votes on any one article receives 90% revenue share.
Most conversation or discussion provoking article receives 80% revenue share.
Contribute 20 quality articles, get 70% revenue share.
Most Karma Points, get 70% revenue share.
Register today and get 60% revenue share.

  • WebNuggetz - plugins for Amazon and Zazzle make this 100% Adsense revenue site a great place to promote your work. A picture is required on each post, and they allow and as the picture. 50 words required for each product promoted. Detailed instructions are available on how to set up Adsense to display banner ads in your signature, with pictures, big arrows, and circles to help you through the instructions. A forum is provided as well.
  • YoStuff - although the pay structure is unclear, minimum payout is only $3.00

For most of these backlink sites, you can also publish articles that don't fit elsewhere (too short, not appropriate for another site, etc.). So if you have that 60-word cooking or auto maintenance tip, one or more of these sites might be the place to put it (rewrite it new for each site).

Make Money Online with Social Bookmarking

How many of these social bookmarking sites were new to you?

See results

Earn Money Online by Blogging

Yes, there are multiple ways to make money from blogging. Not only can you sell advertising space, but you can also use affiliate sales. And perhaps the newest and most exciting way is to let Amazon market your blog!

  • Amazon store on your blog
  • Affiliate product links in posts from independent affiliate marketing,,, zazzle, or cafepress.
  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika advertising
  • Infolinks advertising
  • Direct sale of advertising space
  • Marketing your blog through Amazon by making it available on Kindle. Kindle subscribers pay either 99 cents or $1.99 to subscribe to your blog. Amazon pays you 30% of that. You can increase that to up to 36% if they buy their subscription through your affiliate link.

You can use Yieldbuild, which claims to optimize ads for your site. Their FAQ page says you will see greater income by using it (you will have to put a small amount of javascript on each page of your blog).

Make Money Online with Blogging

Were any of these ways to earn money online with your blog new to you?

See results
Internet radio -- set it and forget it!
Internet radio -- set it and forget it!

Internet Radio

Yes, that's right--you can broadcast your own radio station through the internet! There are several ways you can make money through internet radio: you can ask for donations, sell newsletters and other kinds of subscriptions, or make certain features of the site available only to subscribers who pay a monthly fee; you can sell affiliate products or use Adsense or Chitika advertising, or sell your own products.

Read, Rate, Review

You can earn money from rating or reviewing stuff on line.

Epinions - Review products, get paid!

BestReviewer -- Adsense share for writing brief reviews. Just choose the "Top X" of anything and go to town. Allows backlinks and a one-click process to publish the review on SheToldMe. Approval is on an individual basis and make take a few days.


On some sites, you can sign up, and after some minimal effort, you can make money solely on referrals. When others sign up under your referral link, you get your percentage from the site's side, not from your referral's side (the people you refer make the same amount of money as they would otherwise, so there's no reason not to use a referral link). These sites include:

Chitika advertising - You will make 10% of what your referrals earn for the first fifteen months after they are approved.

Infobarrel - 2% of ad impressions from your referrals are yours.

TipDrop - A generous referral program! When someone visits TipDrop through your referral link:

  • The visitor will be tagged as referred by you, and 100% of all AdSense shown on the “house pages” (home page, search pages, category pages, etc.) will be keyed to your AdSense publisher ID. When folks click, you earn.
  • The 25% of ad revenue that TipDrop usually keeps from user pages will instead be tagged for your AdSense publisher ID, and you will keep that revenue as well.

SheToldMe - the third ad block (at the bottom of the page) of your referrals are yours. - get 5% commission on sales your referral makes.

Triond - after your first five articles, you are eligible for Adsense revenue. If you sign up with PayPal the payout minimum is 50 cents. Once you have reached payout, you are eligible to earn money off of your referrals.

And there you have it!

Yes, it's a lot of work. Yes, it's a huge investment of time. However, this is time that you can scrape up from other activities (I do backlinks while on hold on the phone, or when there is a commercial on television). Yes, it's complicated and hard to get your head around, at first. However, in the long run, it will pay off handsomely. And remember, there is no investment involved except for your time and brainpower! So if you have an internet connection, you can get started right now -- and a year or so from now, you can be earning a dollar a day from each of these sources, for $50 a day -- for life! (Yes, I am aware that I have provided more than fifty--not every source will be suitable for every person, so I would like my readers to have a choice.)

Good fortune to you!

Was this Useful Information on Making Money Online?

I found this hub . . .

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Have You Made Money Online?

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    You got me wondering if I should add to my publishing repertoire!



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    Great. I will keep following your advice.

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    On my second site that's going down for the count in October. I am two for two in seven years of content writing, but I love this new place and intend to call it home until it is called home too!

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    I use Triond to write articles that support other articles, so in essence it's a way to link other articles together. I don't put much effort into it, but it still pays. I wouldn't count it as a major source of income, but every avenue you can use to promote other works helps. In addition, their low payout threshold makes it more attractive than places with higher payouts, for some writers.

  • AOkay12 profile image


    4 years ago from Florida

    Triond is not worth the hassle to work for. Many of the articles submitted are really poor quality. Some people complain that they are not fairly compensated.

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    Wow - this is a really awesome list - I was writing for Factoidz (now Knoji) and suddenly the earnings plummeted - would advise against them. Loved Squidoo but found my earnings on Hub Pages were more stable so going to get stuck into Hub Pages again but will definately check out some of the other article marketing sites you've mentioned. Will try one a day - new resolution. Tks so much.

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    I'm definitely going to try to follow some of your advice. I'll be back to reread this from time to time as the need arises. There's too much to try it all at once.

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    Fantastic hub. Fascinating. I had no idea that there were so many places you could get a residual income for bashing out words. I'm a writer for about a third of my working time and I'm always interested in other income streams. If I can get an upfront payment on a standard contract, I do prefer that but I have recently (through hubpages mostly) been converted to an appreciation of the benefits of all these other avenues. I tend now (I've only been a hubber for a few weeks) to write up a hub first thing in the morning just to get my writing juices going. I've been surprsied at the income potential I've already seen.

    Thanks for the cool hub and keep us informed of your progress!

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    Thanks very much for putting this information at our fingertips -- must have taken you a very long time!

  • Diana Grant profile image

    Diana Grant 

    7 years ago from London

    Very useful information - thanks. This week I spent hours sorting out my photos to earn an income with them, and signed up to iStock, only to find that most of them would be unsuitable because I had adjusted my camera to shoot small-sized photos. So be careful, folks - Very important to read photo submission requirements.

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    Thanks for the nice write up on WebNuggetz! We are brand new but working hard to make it great place for online writers.

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    Excellent Resource for anyone wanting to make money online. Thanks!

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    I rarely bookmark hubs and wow! I learned a lot (and I already knew a lot) - Excellent job on this - I hope to sign up to a bunch of these programs I'd never heard of. Thank you!

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    I do not yet use the photo sites or YouTube; and I am not fully vested in all these sites . . . yet! However, I do plan to eventually have enough content to have at least 150 articles on each of the article-writing sites, plus backlinks to each article, plus photos, video and internet radio, and build up some more blogs. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day!

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    7 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

    Well done on the fantastic hub. You seem to have done a lot of research in this field, and from the percentage of earnings that you have made in Jan 2011, it seems to be paying off (literally).

    Do you use all the sites that you have listed, or have you only had a brief encounter with some.

    To be honest, I would have never though of using internet radio as a source of income. A friend of mine has been looking at ways to promote his dj business so that could be a useful one for him.

    Again, thank you for the information, it is really appreciated.

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    Great hub... it's always nice to see new ways to make money online. Thanks!

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    Wow it took alot of work and research to write this hub! I really apreciate all of the hard work you put into it!

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    I am excited! I just started writing a few articles online but have not seen much activity yet. I hope someday soon with a lot of work I will earn at least $50 a day :)

  • classicalgeek profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago

    I appreciate your hard work on Seekyt. I do my best to keep up-to-date with the sites; with the changes on your site and some others I've had to update this article about thirty times in writing it! I'll do my best to keep all the information as up-to-date as possible.

  • howtoguru profile image

    Tyler Norwood 

    7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for the shout out about Seekyt :)

    And thanks for including it as a genuine article writing site in your list, too! Don't forget to add that you can also earn 100% of the Amazon impressions on your articles now, too.


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