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Productivity Tip for Online Freelancers

Updated on December 24, 2014

Recognizing and overcoming distractions

The online freelancer faces distractions in every imaginable form – children, family, television, friends, bills, school, and just plain everyday living. As some people say, life has a tendency to get in the way. But as much as we may feel overwhelmed with what we have to deal with, rest assured that God never burdens us more than we can handle, we are the ones who are burdening ourselves.

Besides the plain everyday living distractions, The freelancer faces other kinds of distractions, chief among them are "professional distractions". What do I mean? The environment of the freelancer is the internet, a vast resource replete with powerful distractions - Facebook with its red notification that keeps us addicted, all sorts of entertainment from movies, viral videos, news, etc. Since most are not related to real job they can really mess us up and prevent us from achieving anything worthwhile.

In the event that we are able to discipline ourselves against the above distractions, we face an even more subtle and destructive one that disguises itself as the real work while giving an illusion of competence, when nothing of value is has really been achieved.

For example - Today you might have read an eBook about freelancing, checked your email and answered back, read notification in your Facebook, participated in an online forum related to your work, researched on new ways of making money online but failed short of doing your real job, maybe writing an article on i writer, posting on your affiliate blog, transcribing a video - the activities that actually bring in the cash. activities that "put food on the table".

An important question that you need to ask is at end of the month, we you check your Paypal account, how many dollars will you find? What have all your efforts been worth?

How do we overcome these kind of distractions?

Human beings are weak and few have the will power to withstand such distractions. so what is the best way to prevent them from affecting our work.

Maybe we need to rephrase our question - how are we going to prevent freelancing/ working from affecting our life?

It is more honest and practical to rephrase our question this way, because we work to make a living, we don't live to work. Life is bigger than work, work is just a component, so how can we make time for the most important things?

By rephrasing this question we will be on our way to achieve success both in our work and life.

one single tip to improve productivity to achieve is

Setting a routine -

Below I will use an example of a good routine/timetable I have set up for working, I am using the example of an online freelancer who does all the three jobs at once - writing, transcribing, blogging.

The example is meant to bring out some important principles, such as proper prioritisation and good time management, it is just met to serve as a guide, you can come up with your own, you know what is the most important task to you at that particular moment in time. Generally, it should follow same principles.

using the example of online freelancer who does all the three jobs at once - writing, transcribing, blogging.

- waking up early and settle down to work, the first thing, do is your most important work - writing - 2 hours

take a 30 minutes break

- After finishing writing, do the second task- transcribing - 2 hours

Take a break of about 30 minutes

- Blogging for affiliate marketing - 30 minutes

once the important task are completed when move on to secondary work related whichever one you think is important at that moment. - 30 minutes

- check out the groups, ask a question, post a comment, generally participate.
- Answer emails
- read e-book
- Typing to improve skill
- Taking test

you can call it a day and move on to living your real life.


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