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Forex Webinars: How do Top Traders Teach the Beginners?

Updated on August 10, 2016

The webinar, or a web conferencing is nowadays a great method of experience and knowledge exchange among the people who are geographically dispersed, but still can be connected within one digital room (just like the Forex market, by the way). Really, why should anyone stay restricted to certain locations in our blessed century of speed, mobility, freedom and the wide range of possibilities? Almost no limitations, no crush, time economy. How could we ask for more?

Forex trading society couldn’t stay away from this great opportunity to develop for too long, so now the Forex webinars are just a habitual practice for the thousands of people interested in Forex trading. Webinars have also become kind of educational bridge between the top trader and the newcomers. Top Forex brokers can easily teach the beginners by using this method.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that in business society some webinars are as long-awaited as some concerts or cinematographic premiers. The schedules and the announcements of such webinars are brought to financial world’s attention. For example, one of the most anticipated Forex webinars of this summer will be streamed online this Thursday (2016/08/11). Supported by FXinvesting, this webinar is called “FOREX for the Beginners”. Its main aim is to welcome the newcomers in the world of Forex and to teach them some main principles and strategies of this market.

Why is this webinar we’re talking about so anticipated? First of all, that’s because of its schedule. Just look what we’re going to offer our guests.

The host of the webinar is Alex Lazarev, the popular author of “The Exchange and Its Components” book and the financial markets theorist, who taught dozens of the successful traders. Lazarev is definitely one of those experts, who enjoys sharing his knowledge and personal Forex experience with others. Since the webinar will be streamed online, the webinar guests will have a possibility to ask Alex all the questions regarding Forex trading they have.

The popular actual topic. The experienced and competent host. The successful and comfortable Forex trading platform. And for sure some people who eagerly wants to become the professional Forex traders. What a delicious blend!

Thursday, the 11th of August. “FOREX for the Beginners” webinar. Don’t miss this chance!


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