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Extra Gas Money

Updated on November 18, 2015

Someone will pay for junk mowers

I had acquired some old and used mowers through the years. I was ready to clean up the yard. I figure I would drag them to the front yard and either someone would pick up or when trash day comes hopefully they would take them away. I got thinking, I wonder if I could threw one of these lawn mowers on craigslist and maybe someone will purchase it for parts. What to charge? Well I just pick 10 dollars. See what happens. I took a picture of the mower and put it on craigslist. A day later my phone rang, someone was interested. I explain it didn't run and it's been outside in the weather for years but most of the parts were on it. He purchased for 10 bucks, ok not a lot but I had more to sell. It comes to find out that he purchases lawn mowers for parts and ask me if I had any more. Well do I! Yes, I have a ride on I'm selling for 20 dollars and the other 5 push mowers for 10 each. I explained. He bought them all. I told him that I have a rental property and I believe I have some there. I took his phone number down and I told him the next time I'm there at my garage I will see what I have. Knowing I had one in that garage. With in a few weeks I pickup 3 in the trash called him a said I have some more for you. To this day I find one or two mowers in the trash and I just call him up and he comes and picks them up. I don't get rich but it puts extra gas money in my pocket.


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