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Get your IRS Tax Refund Now instead of Later

Updated on March 7, 2017
The average Tom Dick or Harriet is capable of filing at home without issue.
The average Tom Dick or Harriet is capable of filing at home without issue. | Source
Getting  down to the business of doing taxes is actually a year long process. Saving receipts and other written docs make up the bulk of this type of work.
Getting down to the business of doing taxes is actually a year long process. Saving receipts and other written docs make up the bulk of this type of work. | Source

Use the extra monies for something special for the family or a couple

Get a refund in time for Spring Break. Early filers are typically ready with the extra cash by the time it rolls in.

Take a family vacation with the kids out of school and the weather is finally giving up a little sunshine. Even a cozy weekend for a couple is wonderful in countless cases.

HR Block is one of the most recognized filing software in the marketplace today

There are only a few documents that have a demand to be sent in via snail mail.

It’s that time of year when most people discover time is ticking away and a deadline approaching for income tax submission. More than a few folks put it off to the last possible moment, but the majority want it completed as quickly as possible. The process is a hurt for a those who owe while others look forward to a little extra in the bank. Regardless of whether or not a refund is coming, treat the process like a band aid. Yank it off quickly and be over and done with it. Get monies due to a worker faster than ever before.

Believe it or not, scores of delayers are pleasantly surprised to find a refund in the near future. Even the smallest one is considered a win. The bygone days of everyone seeing thousands of dollars at the beginning of the year is over. Laws were changed in the 1980s making the process of using the system as a "piggy bank" no longer possible.

New methods of withholding monies owed to Uncle Sam went into place during the reign of Daddy Bush as the US President. In fact, not only were W4 with holdings altered, but the tax structure relative to FICA was as well. FICA is the amount put into the Medicare fund by everyone working.

Why use an electronic method?

The IRS began the process of moving from paper to online submission more than a decade ago. The goal was to get every single processor to send it in this manner. There have been delays and set backs. Remember it is not sufficient to have electronic data from a worker, the employers needs to transmit in the same manner.

For those who prepared the paperwork for filing, taxes preparation services like H and R Block or the family Certified Public Accountant (CPA) there was also a required update. Installing computers and software to handle the load was put into the works.

Paperless administration for any service or product is great. In this case it eliminated thousands of erroneous errors by people inputting the data as well as speeding the practice as a whole. The practice saved money on stationary materials like stamps and paper.

The activity has went further and further since the beginning roots. There are an abundance of online services recognizing the procedure is easy for anyone to handle with a little guidance. Another benefit to going route is there is no acceptance of erroneous info. In other words things must make sense.

Dollars must balance and other fail safe measures are in place to permit even a novice to handle it. Programs are in place willing to help the average Joe do his/her personal taxes at home without a professional. Nearly all have moved to including individual state tax preparation as well.

There are several reasons to go the route of sooner rather than later;

  • · Getting things completed as early as possible is healthier

Worry and stress always wreak havoc on a person both mentally and physically. By avoiding the delay of this chore chances are overall health improves. Countless people admit to obtaining more sleep at night as the biggest benefit. Sleep minus the worry is always good for any age.

When the refund comes faster the savings account increases. This means more interest paid to an individual. The longer it sits in a CD or money market account the better. There is also the benefit of building on plans for the extra dollars as soon as possible.

Even for those who owe, discovering if this is true helps reduce tension and stress.

  • · Move on to more important things

Having items on a personal "to do" list means the mind is occupied. There are always other things with a need to be taken care of. Get it over with and get on to more important items on the same list. Add a new fun one in it's place.

Some of the vital plans includes taking vacations. When the refund is coming or gets to the owner's bank destination faster getting out of town plans begin sooner. Even the thought of knowing a fun time is closer than expected improves the health of quite a few taxpayers.

  • · Taking care of it with money in the bank or the wallet helps

Typically after the Holiday season there seems to be less cash on hand. After Christmas and ringing in the New Year the future looks a little brighter financially. In most cases completing things during the first month of the year is wonderful. Refunds have been known to beat the credit card bills from the holiday season.

Instead of free cash from Uncle Sam there are individuals who need to pay what is due. When this happens and additional dollars are on hand, the chance of getting it done asap increases. The jolt of dolling out a bunch of dough is lessened as well.

January and February are a great time to take this chore on. Because February is only 28 days (no more than 29) expenses for utilities tend to be smaller than the previous 3 colder months freeing up additional finances for any household.

  • · Appointment with the CPA scheduled now is easier

The CPA is the popular guy in town from January to April. This popularity makes meetings later in the tax season more difficult. An early appointment is easier. As the season winds down and people are pushing toward the filing cutoff, the likelihood of getting to see the man/woman with the accounting expertise decreases.

Catch him or her while both parties are mentally fresh. This is a busy time of year for most and suffer a sort of burnout with the last minute filers. No one wants to miss any deductions due. Catch the early bird.

  • · Get software early while the stores are stocked

Any one with a plan to do online filing software from one of the electronic stores does well to get there early. Going as soon as possible or purchasing a unique software guarantees the right one is in the store and available for the shopper. With the amount of different ones available, it is scary to discover using the wrong one in a pinch to file last minute.

note-there are countless retail companies advertising free filing. Beware of the bait and switch. Popular ones like H and R Block or Turbo Tax are familiar. The IRS has free filing on the government site.

Countless freebies stick an extra charge in when filing state returns at the same time or even extra docs. A charge for several documents to attach to a submission is rather expensive. There have been companies with a fee to ask questions about completing the forms as well as a charge for insurance in case of an audit.

Read instructions careful, even fees and charges. Nearly every legit site has professionals online to answer questions at any time.

Get the numbers right

Folks with a severe underestimation of taxes to pay in during the calendar year is bad. The concept is when a W4 statement is completed, the individual understands how much to pay in. Of course if changes occur the same 12 month period, like marriage or a new baby, exceptions are made.

A big shocker for tons of folks is getting married. Taxpayers filing married, single, head of household and even a small business all have various amounts due. Buying or selling a house is a big one affecting the bottom line.

The savvy person takes a moment to look ahead when possible. If marriage is scheduled for June then make adjustments to with holdings as early as time permits. Pregnancy is a nine month progression, look ahead and sort out the details of taxes with an extra dependent.

Generally various changes are handled via Human Resources. Ask for assistance if needed.

In closing

These are several reasons why it pays to get a tax refund early. Money is money and any coming to a taxpayer is great. The earlier the money is in the bank, hand or wallet, the better.

The old saying goes something like there are two things no one is capable of avoiding, death and taxes. It sounds funny, but the dollars are vitally important to keep an economy growing. The allocation of funds makes it possible to countless services provided.

For example, road repair, Army Navy Air Force and Marines are in the list as well as teachers and other federal, county or even state employees. NASA and other special projects on both a national and local level even drink at the well of taxes from the people of this great nation.

Getting this important step in citizenship done each year it a necessity. Going the faster way seems to work out better for everyone all around. The people, products and services depending on the monies are able to schedule, organize and payout better the faster taxes are completed.

What documents are needed to handle online submission

Keep those records kept throughout the year organized. This is especially true for anyone with a plan to file and include lots of deductions.
Keep those records kept throughout the year organized. This is especially true for anyone with a plan to file and include lots of deductions.

Considering becoming a CPA? Amazon has an excellent study guide for the CPA exam. t

More dependents do not always convert to more money

The number of dependents a person or couple claim is relevant to practice of filing taxes. Although, there is actually a cap or maximum the benefit. In other words, someone with four kids or dependents discovers another person with eight paying the same amount.

The definition varies as well. For instance, the mother in law living in the back bedroom for the last couple of years falls in this category. Grown up children in college are treated with the same consideration as their 10 year old sibling.

Make certain the correct number is being applied. Ask the professionals while working on these materials.

Which way is best?

Do you file electronically?

See results

Additional funds put in circulation is great for the economic development of a country

One of the greatest economist in the world admitted this extra money was important to a stagnate economy. This was true because the majority of folks spending income tax refunds were working class or poor. Both groups have a higher tendency to spend extra monies than save them.

This does not mean paying off credit card debt was a bad thing. In fact, this was taken into consideration. Characteristically those who pay it off and fail to cut up the card are destined to use it again. This also accounts for influencing the amount spent in a nation's GPA (Gross National Product).

Bill Clinton was one president focused on refunds for working class people during the 90s. The Oxford grad with a Phd in economics assessed the downward spiral of national debt and created a natural solution. By giving citizens classified as working or lower class citizens an extra boost in addition to regular refunds after taxes, he was able to avert a national debt disaster.

People administered regular income tax. Refunds were received normal as the year before and the year after. An extra payment of $200 per dependent was submitted a couple of months following the first filing. He believed even though $200 seems rather low, it was enough to put us back on track.

The national debt was actually reduced to zero and a surplus displayed as well as more money in the Medicare fund. More money in the fund means less coming out of any check paying FICA faxes.

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      thanks for the feedback. i am one that procrastinates..i admit it. i typically get a refund but i wont be able to buy a new car with what uncle sam is sending me.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      Well most of your Hub in on the Money (pardon the pun)...but we've been away, so we will see our accountant second week in April. It's all done on line, so...Listen we'd prefer not to get it back at the end of the's our Money, maybe we are paying in too much to begin with!