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girly skull checks the hottest check for back to school

Updated on July 24, 2010

Girls Skull Checks and Girly Skull Personal Checks

Its kind of funny how things change. Years ago guys would have been the ones to stereotypically use checks with skulls on them and now we have women and girls buying skull checks instead. In the 80's and 90's guys wore skulls and goth came back big time, well until the rave scene took over. Now that we are almost 20 years past we are starting to see punk go to goth and to glam again and dance/rave/pop music is coming back in full swing. With all of these trends resurfacing there has to be something different. Instead of David Bowie we have Lady Gaga and instead of Madonna's early punk look we have her back to her dance and diva power look. Instead of the Cory's we have the boys from Twilight or the other teenie bopper films.

Instead of guys wearing white trash styled skulls they've gone to cartoon characters and retro and instead of goth girls wearing rainbow bright or torn barbie shirts and accessories they are the ones wearing skulls. The biggest difference though is that instead of going goth and glam they have gone emo.

Emo is essentially goth but without all of the dark makeup and the dragging personality. It is still the smoking, the coffee and the clothes but instead of actual skulls they make them cute skulls. You can really tell that these crazes and fashion trends are taking off because instead of martini glass checks and shopping styled or fashion checks, skull checks and girly skull checks are the biggest sellers right now.

I was talking to my friends from the website and when they were telling me about some of their best selling checks for back to school and summer, of course the beach themed checks were huge but the biggest shocker for me were the girls skull checks personal checks. Ok I do have to admit that these girly skull checks are kind of cute and for the goth girl or emo girl or even twilight fan they are the perfect check for back to school. Heck if it weren't for the city girl check line that will probably take over the diva group and some of the Legally Blond styled sorority girl college students, these girly skull checks would probably become the most popular personal checks for girls for back to school and back to college this year. Now that is only for college students and co-eds, when you are talking about high school girls, the girlie skull checks are actually probably the most popular styled check for high school girls.

From the cheerleaders who like them because they are rebelious but cute to the goth and emo or punk girl who likes them because they are not main stream and are cute and trendy these girlie skull checks are the absolute perfect personal check for high school girls. They will not only love using them but they aren't boring like normal blue or green or pink bank checking account checks. These girly skull checks will not only help to make her want to learn how to use a personal check, but also you can get your daughter to learn how to balance a check book, bank online and help to make her realize the importance of not relying on credit cards. Checking accounts and banking is not fun and not easy to learn so if you start your kids out early learning about how to save money, to balance a checkbook and to keep their accounts stable they will thank you later in life. The thing is that you can't give them boring or stupid plain checks from the bank, you have to order skull checks like the girly skull checks which are not only trendy personal checks that they would have fun using, but they'll be excited about getting to use them and not be embarrassed by them. These girlie skull checks for girls are the perfect starter check for high school girls and for back to school for college students.

Thanks to Lady Gaga and other off beat main stream pop stars and icons skulls and retro are back and thanks to sites like you can buy girly skull checks to not only stay hip and trendy but also be fashionable without having to be too main stream.


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