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Give Me Money - 5 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Money

Updated on June 19, 2013

Always Wanting More Money

If you are thinking, “give me money”? You are most likely broke and probably dreaming of winning the lottery. It is fact, that money is everything and what we all live for. Money is th the answer to our happiness and we are always wanting more. Before you take the money you have to the casino. Lets slow down and try to find a way to make money a second or even third priority.

Understanding Money Addiction

You need to realize that your number one focus in life is getting more money. You mind has been trained to believe you can not be happy without it. Thanks to society and all these money hungry monsters trying to get richer and richer, we have all been made into money slaves. No matter if you are in debt or an excessive spender. You either need more money or want it. Money is not easy to come by but , that does not change the fact that you are always thinking about it.

When you are addicted to money, you are going through each day thinking about when you are going to get some more money and wanting it. You are not seeing the cheap small things in life that can give you pleasure. Your are just wasting your days in money cluttered thoughts while there is so much life going on around you that you are missing. Stop wasting your days dreaming about winning the lottery. Appreciate the small things and love your life.

5 Ways to Stop Obsessing over Money

1. Appreciate what you have

Try to slow your mind down and realize that big money is not coming your way. You are just going to have to accept what you have. Know that there is always someone who has less than you. Try to imagine what it would be like if you did not have the things you do and what life would be like without them. When you are eating a meal, slow down and enjoy what you are eating. Be thankful you have something to eat. When you are taking a hot shower, think about how nice it feels and the nice clean feeling you get after words. Stop fast forwarding to the the things you want and enjoy the things you have.

2. Be safe with the money you have

If you are always wanting money? Then you probably do not have any. That is because you are blowing it away on things you do not need. When you are blowing your money instead of being safe with it. You are running around in circles of having money then being broke, living paycheck to paycheck. Cut habits, Stop going to Mcdonalds, eat healthier and feel better for a cheaper price. Instead of going shopping and trying to buy everything in one bulk. Set goals and buy what you can afford. Set money aside and buy the things you want in fractions. Just imagine how much better you would feel if you had money left over after every paycheck.

3. Value the Money You Have

If you only see 3 dollars in your wallet or 10 dollars in your purse. Instead of thinking that you are broke and throwing that 3 dollars away on an energy drink or throwing away that 10 dollars on some snacks. Value that small amount of money you have and try to save it. Just imagine all the times you tossed that chump change on something you do not need. Now think of how much money you would have if you would have valued it and saved it. Turn that 3 dollars into something valuable.

4. Save Money

Try to turn your obsession of wanting more money into an obsession of holding on to it. Start small and save 20 dollars a paycheck. As it continues to grow you will feel like you accomplished something and you will not want to ruin it by spending it. There is always a way to live cheaper. Calculate how much money you are spending on things you do not need each week and how you can save it.

5. Give and Share Your Money

Do not be greedy and use your money to help others when the opportunity presents itself. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of knowing you spread sunshine on someones day by helping them out. If you give, you will be blessed 10 times greater. Believe that and have patience.

We are constant recipients to the next great thing that will make us happy for a large price. We are constantly wishing we could have that big house and nice car. The fact is we don’t and we need to stop living our lives wanting more than what we have. When you always want more you will be depressed and stressed. If you embrace and enjoy what you have, you will feel peace and love.

All You Need is Love


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    • limejuice profile image

      limejuice 3 years ago

      Great hub! It's so true that we often focus on the fact that we "lack" money, instead of appreciating the money that we already have - no matter how big or small the amount. This is a truly inspiring hub. And just what I needed to read today. Thank you.