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Give Your Parents the Gift of Financial Assistance

Updated on January 17, 2011

As a college student I spent my years passively taking money from my parents and spending on all the college expenses. I agree that teenage is most careless age and we do not think about how we can help our parents in managing expenses but this is the most rude thing we do to them. A college student is enough mature to think about creative and smart ways in which he/she can help his/her parents financially. We all want to have fashionable attires, best resource books, finest stationary and money to go for hangouts with friends but when it comes to making it possible we look at out parents. Parents too want to give us everything but have you ever thought what is the price they pay for financing our studies and other necessities. They work hard though they are in an age where it is not easy to work hard for long hours.

What if we develop an attitude that we will do something to earn even if it is a penny-per-day. As we all know that where there is a will there is a way, so it does not matter how meager you earn in the beginning. If you have will to assist your parents in financing your studies and other expenditures, you will definitely find ways in which you can make it possible. This will also show your concern to your parents about how much you care for them. In teenage we are enough strong to work for long hours, if you study for 6-7 hours you can still give 2-3 hours to a job which help you earn for your career and your parents aid.  

  1. Do not Feel Ashamed in Doing Any Job: If you are asked to do a job which pays less or involves hard work do not feel ashamed or do not think about how much you deserve. Take a start from a job and you will soon find out better paying and better reputed job than the one you are engaged.
  2. Talk to Your Parents About Their Financial Problems: Parents often do not tell their children about their economic problems. They want to deal with these problems without letting children know but this is not the right way. Children should know what is worrying their parents and how to find solution for it. Talk to your parents if you think that they are worried due to some financial down.
  3. Be Creative in Finding Jobs: Jobs are available everywhere and as more people are in need to of jobs more people are leaving their jobs so their is always space for new recruitments in companies. Think about some smart ways. If you are interested in some employment talk to your family members, friends and peer group so that they can also help you in finding job. Do not sit passively and wait for the job ads in magazines and newspaper. There are other ways the creative ways which will help you in getting good jobs.
  4. Be Thoughtful in Earning Money: Be thoughtful about how and when there is an opportunity to earn some dollars. Again think creatively rather than wasting your old books sell them as second-hand books to junior students in your college or to other interested people. You can also sell your old books on Amazon and other e-selling companies or to old book shops.
  5. Develop a Proactive Approach: If you think that you will find an ad or a call from a company and you will react to it, you are right but passive. Develop a habit of looking for opportunities and making benefit out of it. The things other might not have noticed can become a profitable opportunity. With in your college campus there can be various opportunities to earn. Different fares and exhibitions in the college are good time to sell something made by yourself or bought from somewhere else.
  6. Save Money by Cutting Extra Costs: If you can afford to eat one hamburger, a can of cola drink and Frito lay daily it does not mean that you bear no responsibility to cut extra expenses. We all are living in a time when economic crisis is on its peak; we all should cut our extra budget so that we can work for a prosperous world. On the other hand if you are not in a condition to afford such luxuries in college why waste money on things that have no benefit in the end. Take home-made lunch to college and trust me it is quite in vogue too. Time has gone when people gave too much preference to eating junk food, today even a kid knows that junk food is not good for health.
  7. Be the First to Take Advantage: Stay in touch with companies and institutes of your interest and grasp the opportunity as soon as you find it. Early bird has more chances to catch the worm.
  8. Find On-campus Jobs: On-campus jobs are beneficial because they reduce your cost to travel from one place to another. You need to look for opportunities which you can exploit. You can work as an assistant-librarian after the college timings. You can work as a clerk or as a computer operator too.
  9. Look for Online Jobs: Online jobs have become popular because people love to enjoy home comforts while working on any jobs. There is also greater number of opportunities available online; one can apply for a job in America while living in India or Pakistan. So it is a huge network and being part of this network is beneficial in many ways.
  10. Earn Money to Live but Do Not Live for Money: If you really want to become a hand for your parents than keep in mind that live for your relations not for money. You need enough money to have a balanced life but there should have to be desires to fulfill. When you earn too much you might have every luxury of your life but not relationships and relationships are salt and spice of our life so never sacrifice relationships for any job.


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      gulnazahmad 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Sure I will check out yours too.:-)

      Keep reading!

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      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Very good advices. You can check my hub, too, regarding on how to save for college.