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Good retirement planning - Easy steps to take for early retirement

Updated on March 2, 2013

Retirement planning is critical to ensure you are able to maintain the same or better lifestyle as you approach a satisfactory retirement age. We say satisfactory retirement age because we do not want to retire into our late sixties or even seventies as some folk are forced to do due to poor retirement planning.

When you are in your early twenties, it is not a foremost though on your mind to consider any retirement planning in the near future and it often remain a distant thought unitl you reach your thirties and you have a slightly better appreciation for money and financial planning as well as some sort or retirement planner.

The first steps in retirement planning

Retirement planning is not rocket science is you decide to start early enough in your quest to ensure a satisfactory retirement age and enough of a retirement income to sustain your lifestyle.

These first steps is analyzing your retirement age and retirement income will help you in your retirement planning process through establishing the correct goals to achieve and system of financial planning to follow.

The steps will involve you taking an honest look at what you wish to do as you enter retirement and also an honest look at your current spending habits. There is never a stage in your life when it is to late to consider various financial instrument to assist you in your savings for retirement. The most effective short term money instrument being fixed deposit accounts that you can add to constantly whilst generating suitable interest on your positive balance in the account.

There are various financial instrument that are a little safer than taking a flyer at the stock market or investing in real estate.

Government bonds are usually a certain way to ensure stability with some as fragiel as your retirement. The last thing to put your retirement palnning system through is peaks and troughs of risk. Sure the reward may be greater, but this is certainly not the way to approach something as certain and necessary as a retirement income.


Retirement Planning

Retirement Planner
Retirement Planner

Using a retirement planner

By using a retirement planner, you will need to cost in a small percentage of your retirement savings for fees, but at usually around 0.5% to 0.7%, the costs are relative to the retiremnt income you can expect to garner over a reasonably medium period of time.

Retirement income is not a guaranteed science, so be weary of return that do not seem realistic when considering the spread of your investment for your future.

Property Loan Stocks will tend to be a safe investment if you decide to invest with a medium to long term view as commercial and industrial property sectors will generally outperform owning property yourself and being part of the risk involved in the housing market.Sticking with funds that invest in the world real estate markets are relatively safe and predictibly do not offer as high a return as the local real estate market would.

A retirement planner is essential in designing your retirement portfolio according to the desired risk/reward profile you wish to establish and is often dependent on the amount of time you will have in years until your retirement date or age.

Always take sound advice and be prepared to contribute a portion of your investment to a good retirement planner.


Create that golden nest egg now

Retirement Planning Calculator
Retirement Planning Calculator

The Retirement Planning Calculator

One of the most frequent questions asked by retirement palnning individuals is;

How much money do I need to retire ?


When do I need to start to save for retirement?

These are both great questions and fairly easy to answer with a retirement planning calculator.

The basic function of the retirement planning calculator is to determine the answer to both of the above questions simultaneously. The calculator will need the date or age at which you wish to retire as well as the retirement income you wish to receive on either a monthly or yearly basis. Form this information that you are able to provide, the retirment planning calculator will determine exactly how much you will nned to save in order to arrive at the required retiremnet income needed for retiring.

The calculator can be used easily by younger persons wishing to start early for retirement as the joy of compound interest is what enables so folks to retire early prior to the onset of older age.The retirement planning involved by using the calculator will enable any age person to determine also how much money they will have saved if they manage to save a certain amount every month for a specific period of time. This is called the time value of money.

It will be worth while for any person wishing to retire early to understand the finer points of compound interest in order to determine which investments are better over the long term as the idea of retiremnet planning is certainly to provide for those later years when you do not wish to work as hard as you are today.


I certainly hope that you found this article to be a successful and helpful retirement planning strategy.I wish you luck with your saving and look forward to any comments below.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Calculator


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    • misslong123 profile image

      Michele Kelsey 

      5 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

      Excellent hub! Although, I am not near retirement age, I can see how this would be very useful to those who are. I am currently writing a hub on using a planner, and would like to include a link to your hub. I did not include anything on retirement, so this would give my readers a golden opportunity to read about retirement on your page. Would that be okay? Michele

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub. I agree that Government Bonds are a good way to ensure some stability when thinking of retiring.


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