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Government Sponsored Free Credit Report

Updated on June 28, 2010

Most consumers do not check their credit reports often and therefore have no idea what goes in their report. These credit reports are filled with information on accounts that you have opened and whether or not you are in good standing with them. Some of these accounts could include your credit card, mortgage, utility bills, etc. Whenever you apply for credit or open an account, companies will run a credit check on you. Usually if your credit is not in good standing, the company won’t let you open an account or they will ask you for a deposit. As you can see, the worse off your credit report is, the more you’ll end up paying. It’s a good idea to keep your credit history in good shape. The only way to do that is to check your credit report every now and then. Not only do you want to make sure you’ve paid off all your creditors, but you also want to check your report for inconsistencies which could be a sign of fraud. Many thieves will steal personal information and use that to open up accounts under your name. This could end up destroying your credit.

Usually you can get credit reports from the top three credit agencies which are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Of course, they will charge you a fee for this report. For this reason, many people don’t check their report. But now the federal Government has mandated that the credit agencies allow consumers to get a government sponsored free credit report every year.

In order to comply with the government mandate, the three credit agencies created a website where people can go to order a government sponsored free credit report. You can use this website to get a free report from all three agencies or you can pick and choose an agency. The best way to order a credit report would be to get one report from one of each agency every four months. That way you can check your credit report every few months throughout the year. The only thing you have to watch out for when you do this is that one credit report from one agency might not have information that another report from another agency has.

Information that you need to use to apply for a government sponsored free credit report is your social security number, your address, and your birth date. Put the information into their online form and choose the agency that you want the report from. You can also call up credit reporting agencies to get a free report as well.


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