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Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Updated on October 28, 2018
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Personal Injury

Accidents do happen and when they do and if you are not financially prepared for it, you will be in a very big and stressful predicament. That’s why if you own a car or not, you need to save a lot of money for emergency cases such as car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, even spinal and/or brain injury, bus/truck accidents, dog bites and even wrongful death. You could get hit by a car while crossing the street or bitten by your friend’s dog when you visit him at his house.

Unfortunately, a few people don’t even have enough money to save. A few of them can only have enough money to support their day-to-day needs. So, what will you do if you met an accident? For one, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be a sensible thing to do.

By hiring one, not only you can save money but you can also get compensated for it. Do you know that a person who went for a vacation and got injured badly in a parasailing accident was awarded almost half a million dollars courtesy of his personal injury lawyer?

What is Personal Injury? Personal injury is a term used to define any inflicted harm or injury to an individual. These include broken bones, cuts or lacerations, contusion or, basically, just any type of physical damage. A person who walks into a hotel and slipped on a wet floor and got badly injured can file a personal injury case (slip-and-fall accident) against that establishment. Personal injury is also any incursion of personal rights, mental anguish caused by the accident and even trauma.

How do you find the right personal injury lawyer?

If you figured in an accident, you have to remember a lot of things. You should first consider if that lawyer handles personal and/or corporate law in terms of personal injury. A corporate lawyer might not be able to handle a case of personal injury. But then, again, there are some lawyers who can handle both.

It is also imperative that certain circumstance should be taken into consideration when choosing the best and efficient personal injury lawyer. Here are some of the things to put in mind when doing so:

  • How long is that lawyer been practicing personal injury law?
  • The number of cases he has handled and how many of those cases he successfully defended
  • Is the lawyer ready to take a case on contingency basis?
  • Does that lawyer accept a no-win-no-fee agreement?

By contingency basis, it means that the lawyer will be the one to shoulder all the expenses that occur during the trial and he would charge a fixed percentage from the recovery that he attains. Usually, the percentage of the fee to be paid to the personal injury lawyer can range from 1/3 to ½ of the total damages.

What are the other factors do you need to consider when looking for a personal injury lawyer?

  • There are personal injury lawyers who have worked with insurance firms prior to putting up their own law firms. In San Diego County in California, especially in the cities of Carlsbad and San Diego, there are a few personal injury lawyers who have worked with such firms for years before they have established their own law firms. If you can find such kind of personal injury lawyer, that would be a plus factor for you.

  • Specifically, find a personal injury lawyer who is a member of the American Board of Trail Advocates, also known as ABOTA.

  • If he is affiliated with the U.S. District of Court, also with Southern and Central Districts of California, that is, if he is in that area, you have a trusted and experienced personal injury lawyer in hand.

  • Does that lawyer have a particularly high level of trial activity under his name? You see, most of the personal injury lawyers will ask the party at fault to settle outside of court before the trail commences. If you have that kind of lawyer, you better try to find someone else. Find someone who is not afraid to go into trial for his clients’ sake. This type of lawyer is even the one that other attorneys would consult especially if they are handling high-stake cases especially those that the outcome is very hard to determine. That’s the lawyer for you.

  • A reliable lawyer will offer free legal advice to potential clients so they can be able to make their own best decision for their specific case, whether they end up hiring a personal injury lawyer or not.

  • Lastly, find a personal injury lawyer who is willing to travel to your home or at a hospital at your most convenient time and your request.

In the state of California, there are hundreds of personal injury lawyers that you can find not to mention in the San Diego County area alone. However, you can surely find someone who has these above-mentioned qualities and be able to get the compensation that you truly deserve.

Hamparyan Injury Lawyers - San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

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