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have you lost money with an incomm product via fraud?

Updated on August 14, 2016
Letter from a fellow victim showing than untampered with cards were found by their model to have supposedly had their PINs voluntarily given away.  IMPOSSIBLE !
Letter from a fellow victim showing than untampered with cards were found by their model to have supposedly had their PINs voluntarily given away. IMPOSSIBLE !
The former employee that embezzled the funds that InComm failed to hold for me.
The former employee that embezzled the funds that InComm failed to hold for me.

I'm writing this to help others who were in a situation like myself. I bought $1500 worth of prepaid PayPal My Cash cards, which are operated not by PayPal, but by the prepaid card company InComm. This company produces a lot of gift card products.

I sat on these cards for about 2 months, then went to load them into my account. Unfortunately, when I tried to load the money - it was all gone! I scratched off the PIN number on the back, tried to load the money into my account, and found the money had already been loaded somewhere else. I immediately contacted the company (InComm) and opened a case with them. They asked me to open a case with the police - which sounded odd, yet I did so anyway. Note this is not normal behavior when something like an unauthorized transaction is discovered on your credit card.

The problems with InComm are several - the first being that they are incapable at investigating fraud correctly. Part of their fraud model is to simply find the victim at fault, so InComm can avoid any liability in both admitting and fixing their problem, as well as making the victim whole. I found multiple other victims and found we had many thousands in loss among us - we all had the same story, and InComm's story was the same back to all of us - they acted like the situation was impossible, and said their model determined we gave away our PINs.

One serious problem with that was that one of the victims had multiple cards with PINs that were not even scratched off! He lived closed enough to InComm headquarters to bring the cards in to Skeet Rolling's fraud investigation team, who physically examined them and found them to have not been tampered with. Yet their model still claimed he must have given the PIN numbers away. How can this be? It simply can't - the model they use is garbage. It's a poor justification to not help a victim of their product.

Furthermore, their product has had a very serious design from day 1. PIN numbers are kept in the database in plaintext form rather than encrypted. Not only that, more employees than would require any access to see these PINs (which is arguably no employee, in a well designed system) also had access to them. So tons of employees could at any time simply go in and see which PINs had $500 associated with them and had not yet been redeemed. A running problem with myself and fellow victims is we had set on the cards for 1 month or more (the victim that brought his unscratched cards having them for a full year.)

An inside developer who found my story provided the information above, who then also provided me with the accounts where my money went. I was able to use google, facebook, and linkedin to track the money back to a former InComm employee. All of this information was provided to InComm January 2016 - and InComm would still not return my money! Ultimately I retained lawyers to sue them in Federal court and a demand letter was issued upon which they chose to simply return my funds rather than go to court.

If you're a victim of InComm or Skeet Rolling, head on over to the links for that site to tell your story of your own loss and theft by these companies. To get your money back next do the following:

  1. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau - InComm is based out of Atlanta, GA.
  2. File a complaint with the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - this will file the complaint with the Federal government agency plus result in the story being sent to the CEO.
  3. If an unsatisfactory response is provided, push the issue and threaten to take them to court. I recovered my initial $500 after being persistent, however they held the other $1000 out.
  4. If the above has not been found in your favor, unfortunately you'll have to take them to court. If your story is like mine, with the same product, you have a strong defense and case to point to. If another product, then you'll have to stand on the merits of your case and how well it will stand up in court. Unfortunately you'll have to take them to small claims court to sue as an individual, which probably means you'll have to do so in Georgia. However if you live in a state where InComm employs people, you could sue them in your own state.
  5. You can also stay in your own state if you sue them in Federal court - however you'll likely have a tougher time and this avenue will almost certainly requiring paying for a lawyer, and may be cost prohibitive.

I hope this article finds other victims of this terrible company and helps them to understand how to win their money back from them unethically keeping it, and passing on the losses of their incompetence on to customers.

video of me revealing PIN before scratching off card.


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