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Updated on April 22, 2016

I recently celebrated a birthday on 4/17 (Aries!), and had a client call to wish me a happy birthday. Like many of my conversations, no matter the occasion, we somehow began to talk about one of my most favorite subjects, money.

She began to apologize once she saw the conversation veering away from birthday talk, and I quickly reassured her that I didn't mind. One of my main reasons for "money talk" is because I believe it's the conversations that we aren't having about money that are having the biggest impact on our lives.

A Facebook friend shared an article on yesterday that further drove this belief home for me. In the article, 4 men were interviewed who are experiencing significantly different incomes and different outcomes in life. They were questioned about their money spending, saving, and budgeting habits and the outcomes were very interesting.

If you don't believe that the rich and wealthy are doing things significantly different with their money than the poor, you are sadly mistaken. The money mindset between the two is completely different. Please take a moment to check out the story HERE and share your thoughts with me. Feeling up to a challenge? Take it one step forward and grab a pen and paper to answer the same questions for yourself.

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