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How Tapping For Money Reprograms Your Wealth Mindset

Updated on April 10, 2017

Did you know that you can literally tap into the mind-body connection that rules over your money paradigm and change the inner programming that is limiting you?

I learned everything I know about this topic from EFT expert Margaret Lynch. She has an amazing ability to cut right to the core issues with precision x-ray vision and shift your money paradigm.

Her transformational work teaches you how to use the crazy looking but simple technique to do the important inner work to uncover and eliminate the hidden vows and programming blocks that are limiting your money flows.

In fact, her book "Tapping Into Wealth" was recently featured in a Huffington Post article that revealed how a growing number of entrepreneurs and business professionals are turning to tapping as a success technique.

As a tapping enthusiast I've followed her work for years and it's evolved to a place where she has incorporated a breakthrough approach which involves harnessing the power of tapping with each chakra to break the vows that have been limiting your money and cash flow.

There are always three important mind-body things that people are so often unaware are happening that you MUST address with your tapping and they are programmed beliefs, emotions, traumas about money (all five kinds).

This hub will help explain that the real reason you're not seeing more money in your life is that it's programmed into your very mind-body connection - without your permission! And the good news is that Margaret's breakthrough technique for tapping for money can help you liberate yourself and clear your inner energy blocks and limiting vows about money and create new wealth now.

Five Facts About Tapping For Money

What you need to know about what's likely missing, but is essential to having greater success in tapping for money.

  1. The first limitation controls how much power, presence, and authentic energy you're allowed to carry, and how big and bright and boldly you're allowed to shine...aka your ROCK STAR VIBE!
  2. The second limit is very specific to money and set's exactly how much you will allow yourself to have and even if you're allowed to get rid of your debt.
  3. The rock star limiter is held in your energy centers...your CHAKRAS
  4. The wealth and earnings limiter that keeps you stuck at a certain ceiling is wired into your NERVOUS SYSTEM
  5. YOUR BRAIN CAN'T FIX THIS! You must go after these limiters where they are being blocked on an energetic level.

VIDEO: The Truth About Money & The Mind/Body Connection

The 5 kinds of Money that are the building blocks of your entire money mindset that need to be aligned.






What if you received an in depth understanding of your exact programming that must be eliminated and learned how to tap your way to a healthy money mindset?

Margaret Lynch's Tapping for Money Online Training

There are a series of online training videos available for free where Margaret Lynch explains the number one reason that stops very talented, heart-centered people from getting the income and wealth they truly desire, even when they work very hard. She truly hits the nail on the head at every turn! She digs into the exact core issues that I'm sure every single one of us continues to struggle with and then taps away the emotional, energetic connection that keeps it stuck.

Check out the FREE WEBINAR now

I got fast results from doing the tapping exercises that Margaret offers in these training videos. I felt the shifts right away... click the link above and see for yourself.

"We are wired with an inner glass ceiling that can limit our income and Tapping Into Wealth allows you to do the inner work that creates outer wealth."

— Margaret Lynch

Money and the Chakras - How being aligned with money affects each energy center

  1. Root Chakra: Feel totally solid and safe in your body with no thoughts of rule breaking, disloyalty, or having to prove to anyone.
  2. Sacral Chakra: Feel a raw and powerful rising desire to make a big difference, to right wrongs, and carry your power, and pure desire for the reward and that you deserve it without judgement.
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Feel that you ARE a miracle, that you have it all, you're willing to be seen and be vulnerable, being and doing come together in action
  4. Heart Chakra: Passions rise up to your heart and you absolutely LOVE everything about yourself and you can't wait to share it with other people and you are bursting to tell others. NO thoughts about perfectionism, criticism or mistrust.
  5. Throat Chakra: All of this passion and desire comes forth out of your mouth through your voice and you fearlessly declare all of your wants and all of your gifts and talents.
  6. Third Eye & Crown Chakras: This is where your mind finally comes into the picture so that you can now totally envision yourself at the next level. You'll see your most authentic self giving your gifts and people openly receiving them for the value they are and the money is flowing back to you in exchange. Knowing that everything you want is infinitely possible and the divine is co-creating with you... pure trust. Everything is unfolding in a perfect miracle.

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