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Compare Homebased Business Opportunities to Jobs: Part 2 of 2

Updated on November 21, 2013

Why Start Legitimate Work from Home? - 5 Critical Insights and 5 Common Sense Considerations: Part 2

Are you looking to supplement your income with legitimate work from home? Why would you want to do that? Do you really think that would be a smart move to make? Well, here are 5 critical insights and 5 common sense considerations (See Part 1 – 5 critical insights) why it would be a smart move to start a homebased business.

When I compare homebased business opportunities to jobs, I group these last 5 reasons why to start legitimate work from home together under a category I call “common sense considerations.” Why? Because these reasons are behind the common messages you hear everyday from theaverage person who’s complaining because he is not satisfied with the “little to no” rewards he’s getting on his job. Think about these 5 common sense considerations:

1. The high cost of education has a lousy return on investment. Once you graduate from 4-8 years of degree programs, you are $50k - $200k dollars in debt that can easily take you until age 67 to pay off depending on the loan amounts and the economic setbacks life has in store for you. The amount of debt can easily match your annual salary and that’s not counting the accrued interest over the time it takes you to pay it down, especially if you only are paying the minimum balance.

With a home based business opportunity, you will still have to pay the cost of education as is the case in any entrepreneurial venture. So don’t let people lie to you saying it won’t cost, but don’t let that deter you either. Consider your rate of return on your investment in the home based business industry where you can potentially work at most 15 hours per week, retire in 2 years and make $200k per month in retirement income.

2. The responsibility of juggling a family and a career creates major setbacks that you must account for. Complications are coming your way. Can you still pull it off and navigate through them to see your plan come to fruition if you’re taking that path to a career or “good”-paying job? How hard or challenging do you think that would be? At the end of the struggle, what will be gained? Will it have been worth the struggle?

With a home based business opportunity, it will come with its own set of struggles and complications as with any other entrepreneurial venture. Again, so don’t let people lie to you saying it won’t take work, but don’t let that deter you either. Freedom of time and money is worth the struggle, especially if it can be reached in a short amount of time with a high probability, not possibility, of financial security. This means that the “juggle” won’t be as never-ending as it seems in a pursuit of a career or “good”-paying job.

3. A job merely comes with a promise of a “sound economic future”- ie. “security,” but never a guarantee. You must be keenly aware of the difference. Be prepared for job loss, because that’s more of a guarantee than keeping a job until retirement.

With a home based business opportunity, you can guarantee your cash flow and limitless income potential by your determination to NOT QUIT! Now, let me be for real about this point because I’ve been in the home business industry for over 20 years and with many companies. There is a time to quit a business opportunity. You need to know when that is. The good news is that when you “act out” the responsibility of creating your own success, then the right opportunity will show up.

4. Working those long hours until retirement from a job slowly and surely drains the life out of you leaving you with no life left by the time you do retire. Your health and overall well-being will be depleted by the time you retire.

There are legitimate work from home opportunities out there that allows you to build your wealth by improving your health, your environment and your family while at the same time you are adding to your resources not depleting them.

5. Working those long hours creates many stresses, strains, and pressures on your marriage, relationships and family. Your children grow up without you. Your spouse or significant other may be absent as well pursuing a career or may be at home in need of some help from you. This is a formula for a dysfunctional family and soon to be a divorced family. Jobs send couples heading opposite directions usually and so goes the family.

With a home based business opportunity, you can easily create a family partnership in running your business. Home businesses are more conducive to bringing families together than jobs are.

Home based business opportunities come a dime a dozen but many are legitimate. It would be a smart move on your part to find a legitimate work from home opportunity that offers a significant solution with options like these. Act on your most burning desire to solve your time and lack of cash flow issues and transcend the limitations created by working a job. (Refer to my top 5 reasons, if you missed my “5 critical insights”) - Why Start Legitimate Work from Home? - 5 Critical Insights and 5 Common Sense Considerations: Part 1

© 2011 Louise Campbell-Anthony


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