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homemade jewelry cleaners

Updated on January 31, 2012

This is another article which was rejected. I am publishing to exert my copywriting privileges, and to prevent content theft.

One of the most budget-friendly and satisfying ways to run a household is to make many of your own cleaning products, including your own homemade jewelry cleaner. It's extremely easy to keep your fine jewelry in mint condition with materials you have in your own home, and without resorting to harsh, abrasive chemicals.

In order to prepare the most effective homemade jewelry cleaner, you need to take into account what type of jewelry you wish to clean. For instance, silver can be shined to a mirror-like finish by placing it in a bowl with hot water, about a Tablespoon of salt, and a few strips of aluminum foil. The salt-foil combination acts as a magnet, "pulling" the tarnish off the silver and restoring it to its original beauty.

With gold jewelry, care must be taken not to scratch the soft finish. Therefore, the use of abrasives such as baking soda or toothpaste should NOT be applied to gold jewelry. To effectively clean gold jewelry, place the jewelry in sudsy solution of water and a mild dishwashing liquid such as Ivory or Dawn. Carefully buff with a chamois cloth to dry, and you will again have lovely, gleaming gold jewelry.

Diamonds, especially those found in diamond rings, can quickly lose their lustre due to the buildup of soap, oil, and grime that our hands are subject to. To restore them to a brilliant sparkle, spray them with Windex, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently work the cleaner into and around all facets and prongs.

Those who own platinum sometimes cherish the natural patina that platinum's scratched surface will build, but for those who like a mirror-like shine, prepare a solution of one part ammonia to one part warm water. Immerse the platinum jewelry in the solution, and then buff with a soft cloth.

As you can see, there is no need to purchase expensive jewelry cleaners, as the use of a homemade jewelry cleaner is equally effective, and far more budget-friendly.


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