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Dealing with money crisis

Updated on March 17, 2014

"smart House Wife"


Dealing with Tough Times

Home makers ' better financial crisis expert"
Economic Crisis, Business, Money and Management all these word have become part of our life recently.people are having sleepless nights burdened with so many money problems .If we explore in to our past we will see people were much more happier than today. Our needs are increasing day by day we all want luxurious life, we have crossed the limits where our needs are concerned.

I'm not a financial expert but have always tried to live within my means .right from the beginning ,I have a habit of saving even if it is a small amount I have always tried to bring smiles on the faces of my family,I never leave any opportunity of earning ,if it is a very small sum in a rightful way. It is a fact that good house wife always keep some saving for bad times.When i was young I saw my mother saving for emergency and also encouraged us to save in our piggy bank .At that time it was fun collecting money in our piggies ,but never knew that now when we all face crisis our habit of saving proves to be a boon .
At the time of money crises, we can control our fun going life and stop going out for meals instead cook at home and feed the family , we can cook what our children love to eat. What we spend in a day at a hotel, that may feed the entire family for a week or more .we can cut short our going to movies instead get a DVD and watch it at home with our family .Its good habit to save money in the bank ,everyone knows that once we get accustomed to expensive life style it becomes nearly impossible to hold ourselves back , .but sooner we realize the better.

Some Very Important Things to Remember

We should not hide our conditions from our children because they had once lived an extravagant life and now when they are denied of it ,they may become rebellious.So it becomes our prime duty that we should make our children aware of all the colors of our life so that they can procure the strength of bearing good and bad times when and as time demands .

Men too should put up their best effort to control their going to the office by local transport rather than moving in expensive cars and spend a lot of money on gas.they should also cut short on the habits of smoking and drinking ,partying around with friends etc .though they feel irritated when it comes to control their habits but if they are cooperative it proves to be a boon too Last but not the least always carry a medical insurance as one knows medical expenses are soaring high day by day so at least a family may keep safe from those expenses if need be .

We can also check our fascinations such as dresses and cosmetics,.pretty good amount of money is spent on the them every year .We keep buying what ever we adore in the markets and online but if we control our nerves ,we can save a lot money .These tips may seem small but they work wonders to keep the family happy at tough times of financial crisis .

Thus the main thought of a person should be that,one should create multiple sources of income and do not let any opportunity slip away from one's hands and also realize that happiness isn't based upon material possessions.It is based on cooperating each other during crisis ,it may be of any kind.check your needs and everything will run smoothly until better times return .


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