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A Note on Personal Finance

Updated on February 24, 2017

An Industry

Everyone desires Wealth but not everyone knows how to get it. Firstly, Wealth is not Money, not even close. Generally Money comes a very long way down the list for most people, Health, happiness and being loved, for example, come higher on most lists. If we understand the difference between Wealth and Money, then try to understand the difference between "Accumulate" and "Earn". Anyone can earn money, we all slog away in our 9 to 5 to earn enough each week or month just to get by, pay our bills and survive. This is not new information, you can find any number of you tube videos with people telling you the same thing. All of them are wealthy in terms of Money, and all of them are Wealthy from speaking and writing about personal wealth. they know how to accumulate Money, and that's with the very subject of Money!!! The Subject of Persona Finance has developed into its own Industry.

A Piece of the Pie

The picture shows stacks of coins getting bigger with each stack. Ultimately this is how we would all love to see our bank account each month. For most, unfortunately, this is wishful thinking. So, is it possible for all of us to get a piece of the pie that is the Personal Finance Industry. Obviously not as any industry is only as good as the Supply and Demand for it. This industry is for the highly motivated, strong public speaker who has learned that fear and criticism is a necessary step towards success. there are also very few highly successful people in this Industry, and therefore these are not the people we should be listening to anyway. On key point i will make is that we should only listen to people who have experienced what they are talking about. If we are Sick we talk to a doctor, the Specialist. The piece of the Pie is in each of us.

Changing your Life


No millionaire has ever become that way without the sale of personal services or ideas. think about it, we all have nothing to sell except for our ideas or personal services. That's not to say we can become wealthy from a 9 to 5, but its more difficult and less likely. Then consider any one wealthy person you know, either personally or from the media, and they will undoubtedly have more than one income stream. If you are a fellow blogger, you already understand this to some extent. Start at the beginning, it is my opinion that we are all capable of accumulating more by selling personal services and our ideas that from working for someone else and fulfilling their dreams. Then, by managing this new and greater income we can open up a second, third, fourth income stream. The possibilities are endless, all we need to do is decide that we want to do it,

Question Time

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The Groove

The only thing you need to do in order to be wealthy is decide that you want to be. Make the decision of what you want to do, believe in it, desire it and just do it!! Unfortunately its not that simple in most cases. We all have commitments each and every month and very few of us can take the risk of walking away from our current situation. therefore, we have to do little things every day to move towards our goal, thus minimizing to risk a little bit each day before taking the plunge. If we can be consistent we will get into a routine, the groove, and things will start to happen. Being Consistent is vital in achieving anything, and never letting go of our ultimate goals. there is a story about a great leader who took his army by sea to battle their enemy. When they lander on the shore of the enemy he gave the instruction to burn the ships which had carried them. they then had no choice but to win. Most of us cannot risk burning all our ships a once but we can burn one at a time.

Be Positive

Positive attitude breathes Positive attitude. Read certain books but be mindful of who wrote them. Listen to recordings, you tube is full of them. I recommend Earl Nightengale and Napoleon Hill. And make sure your goals are clear and don't let the negative attitudes of others get you down.


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