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Make more Money as an Oline Freelancer

Updated on May 28, 2016

In this article, we will explore a few important points that can help you achieve the financial independence we all dream about

It is not All Sunshine and Rainbows

Many of us dream about working from home and don't answer to anyone; to have control of our lives and also from our income. To work whenever we want and have no fixed hours. The truth is, this can be a dream for most people, but it can also end up being a nightmare,

When there is no one to watch over us. To demand something from us. When we have nobody to tell us what to do, is extremely easy to get lost and drive away from our objectives. When we are at home, there are many distractions that can eventually destroy your work.

Of course there are also many ways to avoid this from happening. And that is what we will talk about now.


Keeping Focus is the Key to Success

The main obstacle for a home-based freelancer is probably the many distractions.

It is very easy to stop working when your favorite movie is on the TV. Or when your kids want to play with you. When your wife is nicely talking to you.

When you decide to work at home, it is very important that everyone around you knows when you are working and when you are resting. You have to fully concentrate on your work or you will probably not be able to succeed.

There are a few ways you can avoid this kind of problems. You can talk to your family and explain them that when you are working you have to concentrate or you can create an office space inside your house (any spare room or even a spot on the dinner table will be fine).

Just remember that focus is the main road that leads to success.


Always try to get Better

No matter how good we think we are at what we do, we can always get better. You must take some time to invest in your personal development.

If you are a writer, reserve some time of your day to read a good book and study about all the subjects you write about. If you are a translator, read something in the languages you translate and take some time to study their grammars. If you are a designer, look for new software, read magazines and blogs, take some courses. If you are a software developer, study the programming languages you use and always try to learn new ones.

No matter what is your field of work, never stop developing your own skills.

Work on your Profile

If you are a freelancer you probably have a business profile in LinkedIn, Upwork or another similar business network.

I will tell something you already know, but it never hurts to emphasize. Your profile is what leads clients to you.

Take some time to build a nice portfolio. Keep your portifolio in your specialties. The first thing a client will look for in your portfolio will probably be some work you have done to know you better and see if your work fits their demands.

Another very important and very underestimated feature in a profile is the picture. Choose carefully a picture that shows confidence and reliability. If you are not sure how to choose a picture, use photofeeler. Photofeeler is a platform where you upload your picture and receive ratings from other people. You can upload three or four pictures and see which one is best viewed by the public. I bet you will be amazed when you realize how different will be the public opinion about two different pictures from the same person.

Your profile picture is the first thing a potential client will see, so it is important that you choose the best one.


Passive Income is Essential

No matter what is your field of work, it is always good to have some passive income. It is always good to see money coming in without having to do any extra work. If you are a writer you can have a blog, a hubpages profile or some published eBooks. These are all good ways to earn some passive income.

If you are a designer, you can have an online store on zazzle to sell your customized products. It is easy to open and all you need to do is marketing (which is not very easy actually).

Try to reserve at least one hour of your day to build some kind of passive income.

Always Deliver the Best Work You Can

It is always important that the client is satisfied.

First, a satisfied client will leave a good feedback and can be a good reference for future jobs. Many clients look for some background references, so if you have worked for clients who enjoyed your work, you can use them as reference.

Second, a satisfied client is a repeat client. For a freelancer, it is very important to build a long-lasting relationship with clients, because you can have some stability. There will always be some times when you are short of work to do and having a list of clients can easily solve that problem.

The Right Path to Success

To sum up, being a freelancer is very pleasing, but you must keep a good discipline in order to succeed at this game.

Always improve your skills, concentrate on your profile and deliver the best work you can to your clients and you will be on the right path to success.

There will be many difficulties along the way, but with the correct mindset and positive attitude, you will realize how good it is to have control of your own life.

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Now it is Your Turn

I really hope you have enjoyed the reading and can take something good from this article.

Now I would like to hear your opinion. Do you have another tip to succeed at a freelancing career?

Thank you very much for your time.


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