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Ten Affiliate Programs - Start Here to Make Money Online!

Updated on May 17, 2012

Make money online with affiliate programs on your own websites.

It's pretty easy to buy a website or a few websites, install a CMS and then start to put up affiliate links within your articles and such.

Buy a website:
Popular CMS (Content Management System): Joomla
Affiliate Sites: Read below for ten affiliate programs.

Make Money Online

And, start doing it today!!

You'd like that, huh? To make money online, having money time and time again being deposited into your bank and paypal accounts. It sounds teriffic, doesn't it? I'll go ahead and type your response... "YES!"

You're right! It would be great to make money online!

So, go for it!


There are many - and I do mean many - ways for you to to you to make money on the internet. Explore your options. You could sign up for one, sign up for some, or sign up for many! It's up to you!

What will you find here to help you to make money online?

In this article you will find some terrific programs offered by large companies that will allow you to begin making money from them via advertising on your own website, and also (and possibly more importantly) affiliate programs! With either choice (or better yet, both) you could be on your way to earning money online.


Google Adsense screenshot.
Google Adsense screenshot.

1. Google Adsense

This is a great money making tool!

Google's AdSense Program

If you have a website, a blog, an account with HubPages and many other platforms, you can use Google Adsense to your money-making advantage.


Good Question!

  • Advertisers pay Google to display advertising alongside your content. Google shares a percentage of what they receive for impressions and valid clicks.
  • Google pays you because they deliver targeted advertisements through their Adsense program to your websites or blogs.
  • Anyway, sometimes (not always) visitors to your page see the Google Ad and click it. Upon each click, your Adsense account is credited with money for that click.

This one seems to be one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there - at least for me (and it could be for you,too!)

Amazon Associates screenshot
Amazon Associates screenshot

2. Amazon Associates

  • Amazon's affiliate program is called Amazon Associates.
  • This program allows the website owner, blogger, etc. to earn money by referring readers to products that are for sale on the Amazon website.
  • Products range in type and price. Some products are very inexpensive, while others are quite expensive. However, when the reader purchases the product(s) you will receive a percentage of the purchase price.
  • Their purchases can add up quickly and so can the money that you make online from it!
  • This is another great way to earn money online.

E-bay Partner Network screenshot.
E-bay Partner Network screenshot.

3. ebay Partner Network

  • The ebay Partner Network is a great tool that will deliver items that are up for auction on ebay and its partner sites.
  • Designed to show a picture of the item and what it is, your sites and blogs will have visitors hopping to get the best deal on the displayed products.
  • This can also result in high click-throughs and high purchases.
  • Your income from the ebay Partner Network is a great stand-alone money-maker and can also be used in conjunction with other money-making tools.

Kontera screenshot
Kontera screenshot

4. Kontera

  • Kontera (also known by their pop-ups as "ContentLink") displays relevant advertisements that are related to specific keywords and tags.
  • When visitors scroll up and down and their mouse lands over certain words, the Kontera advertisements are displayed.
  • These advertisements are designed, like adsense, to be somewhat relative and should aid in click-through because of this.
  • Kontera is a newer program than some of the oldies that are out there, but I believe this one promises to be a keeper in your online money-making ventures!

HubPages screenshot
HubPages screenshot

5. HubPages

  • HubPages is where you are (or should be) reading this article right now. The money makers, as shown above, can be used in conjunction with each other and can be displayed with your articles.
  • You can write about almost anything and your traffic can get fairly big, pretty quickly.
  • Repeat visitors seem to be great for increasing your earnings.
  • HubPages also has a program that allows their writers to make even more money than with click-throughs and commission.
  • Their capstone hubs program can pay you for writing on topics from their topic pool.
  • HubPages, simply put, is a great place to write about anything!

Linkshare screenshot.
Linkshare screenshot.

6. Linkshare

Linkshare, providing "Full-Service Online Marketing Solutions," is a great way to start collecting money with both non-incentivised an incentivised links.

  • The incentivised links are great, because you can possibly give your readers/visitors something (an incentive.
  • This option can be a nice way to get your readers to click on what you want them to, because they could get something back!
  • They also offer the convenience of both direct deposit and checks! Even get paid from displaying RSS feeds! Oh yeah... and a $1 payment threshold!!!
  • Get the links from Linkshare and start sharing in the profits!

SHAREASALE screenshot
SHAREASALE screenshot


Shareasale is a convenient way to add to your profits online!

  • They offer links, banners, datafeeds, coupons, deals and more!
  • You don't even have to generate your own website!
  • You can select the "Make A Page" option and create your own pages easily! (Of course you may tweak them to your own standards.)
  • They have thousands of merchants for you to promote in your site(s) and blog(s) today.
  • If you like to write about products, SHAREASALE could be the site that you never knew about, but MUST join!

clixGalore screenshot
clixGalore screenshot

8. clixGalore

The site, clixGalore allows publishers and affiliates to earn commission by using text or graphic advertisements and has a website builder tool.

  • Some of their programs offer a catalog or product datafeed that will generate pages upon pages of possible earnings for you.
  • Publishers and affiliates can promote sites that are located in the US, AK, AU, JP, IN and NZ.
  • Percentages of sales, pre-set amounts of cash per sale, cash for lead generation and even cash for click-throughs.
  • They also offer 2-tiered programs so that you can even earn money on sales that your referrals generate!

Make extra cash and join clixGalore!

Google User Experience Research screenshot
Google User Experience Research screenshot

9. User Experience Research at Google

Another option from Google?

Sounds good to me!

  • For helping to improve products by Google, old and new alike, you can get paid!
  • The usually pay $75 per hour and research may be conducted in person or on the phone.
  • The studies typically last for 1 1/2 hours, so let's see... let me do the math for you.
  • That would be $112.50 for an hour and a half of talk.
  • They don't pay for travel time, etc.
  • Surveys do vary in length and are kept confidential.

Sounds like a great money maker to me!

Associated Content screenshot.
Associated Content screenshot.

10. Associated Content

Associated Content's (AC's) sign up process is simple.

They allow writers to publish articles or stories and get paid for them with the choice of making the article exclusive or non-exclusive.

The writers also have the option to receive an upfront payment and performance payments or just performance payments.

  • This means that not only can the writer earn cash with the initial payment, but can also earn residual money from performance views.
  • I've made money at Associated Content... more than just a couple of dollars!

This site can add to your online income!


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