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how to get rich/millionaire/billionaire fast

Updated on June 19, 2015

how to get rich very fast

To get rich very fast by fair means is not so easy, you could adopt some unfair means to get rich very fast e.g bank robbery, batting on matches, lottery, playing in casinos, taking risks, but after all we have to answer God and if caught to police also. so i recommend you to be innovative, create something very new and demanded by public, which in present situations is highly demanded by public, because it is the public for which this thing /product is created, provide best cheap rates and quality products to get a brand name and fame in the market, to build a strong brand name and fame is very important, e.g see the impact of face book and TCS. invest whatever you have, starting over is very important then continuously improving. keep in mind some goal. keep in mind the place where and what are you selling and how much customers you can get or how to attract a large number of customers of that country/region. customer is the king of the market, never annoy a customer because he is permanent source of your income. invest wisely, heavily and in the right place keeping in view its sales and market competition. Do only in which you have more interest, build a strong enterprise/industry. saving money for more investment. top industries for getting richest are

1. Technology/softwares and mines business

3. food industry

4. Production

5. vehicles spare parts

6. Politics in some countries

8. Real estate business

9. drinks and beverages

10. Mobile phone/internet service providers

11. Shares and stock exchange business

Invest in any of these fields, worlds richest people are found in these fields and they have made billions of dollars from these industries.

Be brave, take initiatives with wisdom and keep in mind that ' higher the risk, higher will be the profit.


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