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How To Get A Cheap Car Insurance Renewal Quote

Updated on December 4, 2012

Save cash, then buy one of these!

No one wants to pay more money than they have to when it comes to car insurance. There are a few ways you can minimise your car insurance renewal quote and these tips are covered here.

If you get the cheapest quote, you'll have more money to spend on fuel and less goes to the money hungry car insurance companies!

Insurance pricing factors

There are several factors that affect the final price. These include your age, the power / sportiness of the car, the worth of the car etc. Sex has always been a factor too, not whether or not you're planning on using the car for it, but what sex you are, with women getting cheaper car insurance. This has been the way for years although it has now been outlawed so both sexes will now end up getting equally shafted by the insurance companies. Hurrah. I think..?

The first thing that makes the biggest difference to your quote is the choice of car. To get really cheap quotes you need a feeble car, or something that isn't classed as sporty (a TVR Sagaris like the car at the top of the article doesn't really count, but just look at that thing.. What a car.. Anyway, back on topic, the following tips should help you get the cheapest renewal premium.

Is this thing on?

Call around or do it online?

There are loads of comparison websites that you can use to compare different companies insurance quotes automatically. There is little point using only one comparison website though, you might as well try 3 or 4 to get you maximum exposure to as many insurance companies as possible.

When filling in your details, bear the following things in mind and you'll get the best price.

Read these tips, save some money

Get your gloves on and clear out the garage. If you can store your car in the garage overnight, then your insurance will be cheaper. Storing it on the drive is next down the list, with the road being bottom as anyone can just spit on it, key it or have sex on it. Or vomit all over it, which is something that happened to one of my cars once.

Are you over 25 years of age? Insurance takes a nose dive in price at this age, so if not, then twiddle your thumbs until you are. Alternatively get something that is extremely slow and totally unstylish. Ideally something with less than a 1 litre engine. It won't go fast, but at least you'll be able to afford to live and then when you hit 25, you can get something with a 5 litre engine to replace it.

What do you plan on using the car for? If you are going to use it for social, domestic and commuting, your quote will be more expensive than if you are only using it socially. Are you actually going to commute in it? If not then make sure it is classified properly.

The excess (deductible if you're in the US) being raised lowers your insurance premium. This is because the insurance company knows you're less likely to make a claim if your excess is at max. It can reduce your premium, although in some cases it makes your insurance practically useless, but if you don't claim and are just getting insurance to be legal, this will do it.

How many miles are you going to drive per year? Predictably the more miles you do, the higher your insurance quote will be. There isn't a large difference in prices here though, although you will see a hike if you're doing way more than average (10-12k per year).

Is anyone else ever going to drive the car? A lot of the time this can reduce the price of your insurance premium, especially if a woman is put on as a named driver. They might not drive the car much, but a reduction in price is always good. It is worth checking when you are getting your online quote the difference a named driver makes to the cost. If it doesn't reduce it, remove them!

Don't do this..

Convictions bump up the price

Try not to get caught speeding, or talking on a mobile phone etc. Points from things like this hike up your insurance quote. Not much you can do about it after the fact, but five years of increased insurance premiums is another punishment as well as the fine and points that you get from the offence at the time, so bear that in mind.

If you get caught drink driving then your insurance is affected for 11 years and the premiums go up so much, you might as well sell your car and get a pushbike..

Comprehensive or 3rd party F&T?

Usually 3rd party fire and theft is the cheapest option for insurance. Saying that, in some cases fully comprehensive insurance can be cheaper, or no more expensive anyway and you often get some added benefits like windscreen cover etc, so definitely try both types to see which is cheapest.

Have you racked up plenty of no claims discount? If you have 5 years or more no claims, then most insurers drop their prices substantially. Even a single year usually gives you a decent discount of 30% or so, it does mean that you sometimes have to drive something cheap and cheerful for a while and look after your no claims, but after a while you will reap the benefits. Protecting your no claims can be a good idea, I've never done it and never claimed, but it doesn't cost that much more to do it, although if you have an accident your premium will usually raise even with protected no claims. Just because they can..

I jump for a living yeah!

Your profession makes a big difference

What job do you do? This is a pretty major factor in car insurance. If you're a footballer, an entertainer or unemployed, you can expect to pay more than if you're an airline pilot or a hypnotherapist.

This means that although it's not worth lying, sometimes it's worth having a good think exactly how you'd classify your job and trying a few variations to see if the premium is reduced. An example of this is that a builder or contractor could be used to describe the same profession, but these would give you two different premiums. If you're unemployed... Well not much to say here, other than good luck getting a job!

After you have gone through the comparison companies and got the cheapest quote from them, it is worth calling the cheapest companies and trying to get them to wheedle the price down a bit more. It may not work, but it is always worth a go as you can sometimes get some more money off.

I regularly use these tips, or at least most of them every time I renew my car insurance and have got decent deals. Good luck and if you have any comments, please leave them below.


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    • profile image

      connor123456678 4 years ago

      House husband or wife is far the cheapest

    • profile image

      Tyson Cartier 5 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I'm so glad that some places give you insurance quotes. Without it, I would be lost on what is better for me and how I can get the best option for the lowest prices.

    • Rain Defence profile image

      Rain Defence 5 years ago from UK

      Huge huge difference depending on your job description. It's worth seeing what the cheapest way to describe you job is, for sure!

    • profile image

      Gary 5 years ago

      I noticed that putting that I worked in a betting shop increased the premium quote was £1700while doing a quote on retail which we are also classed as give me a quote for £580 happy days

    • profile image

      Business insurance Wisconsin 5 years ago

      should be aware that the car insurance varies greatly according to different market factors, so if you want to save money this is a good strategy to do so because they can reduce costs by changing several of these factors

    • profile image

      Paul 5 years ago

      Try to buy and manage car insurance online because this will keep car insurance cost low. One of the main advantages to getting the best quote on a car insurance comparison site is ensuring that all potential discounts are included. Those discounts may vary widely by company and by state. Some common ones are group discounts, good student discounts, safety discounts and combination discounts. For more information on best ways of getting cheap car insurance, visit

    • profile image

      Cheapest Car Insurance 5 years ago


      I found my way here through Google, I shall get back one more time.


    • dommcg profile image

      dommcg 5 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, I have a lot of points so my insurance is high, but these tips will help bring it down I'm sure.

    • profile image

      Pharmk15 5 years ago

      Very nice site!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      My favorite is raising the deductible -- just put enough money in savings to cover the cost of the deductible when you need it. Also the type of car you drive affects insurance -- so ask for a quote if you're considering buying different cars, and then buy the one with the cheapest insurance. Voting this Up and Useful.