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How to Make Money Online and Lose Belly Fat at the Same Time

Updated on August 23, 2009

One of the biggest drawbacks to working and making money online is the fact that you are sitting at your computer anywhere from five to eighteen hours a day – and of course you get up and raid the fridge from time to time and boom all of a sudden you have a belly a baby could live in comfortably.

We have finally made it comfortably working from our home in those cute fuzzy bunny slippers and either a sweat suit or terry cloth robe – Man this is the life – the salad days have arrived baby. But alas sitting still for hours on end and wearing lose fitting close while snacking on processed or prepared foods all day will take it’s toll quickly.

You say it’s not easy well hell it’s not easy pumping out great content and trying to keep fit and trim – and you are wrong for even thinking it. Nip in the bud from the beginning so it will not become an issue. Create a work and workout ethic that will keep you around for years to come and not as round as pickle barrel. The following is a great example of putting together the two most opposing functions in life: How to Make Money Online and Lose Belly Fat for good.

lose belly fat while making money online

How to Make Money Online and Lose Belly Fat
How to Make Money Online and Lose Belly Fat

Daily Schedule For Losing Belly Fat and Making Money Onlne

5:00 AM Wake up and go power walk five miles after a few months this should only take about an hour and fifteen minutes.

6:15 Hit the shower and get ready for your day.

6:30 Eat a good healthy breakfast – Old Fashion Oatmeal with Bananas and caffeine free coffee with a piece of whole-wheat toast.

7:00 Get to work on your keyword research and finding quality niches to make your online income.

8:00 Start writing the content from your niche keyword research and post it up as soon as you proof it so you can start getting more link juice.

10:00 Stop and Go for a fast break like carrot juice and take a couple of laps around the block.

10:30 Back to writing content for your websites, hubpages, infobarrel, or ehow pages.

2:00 Lunch – (You should prepare this the night before for time budgeting) baked garlic and Chipolte chicken breast with slightly steamed broccoli and carrots with an apple for dessert. Take a break and watch your favorite recorded 30 minute sitcom while doing squats and thrusts in front of the TV.

1:00 PM You know you are dieing to so check your Adsense income and traffic stats for about ten minutes and then start back link building – sending out email requests and submitting articles with back links with anchored text back to your money making websites.

3:00 PM Take an afternoon break – I like to take a power nap at this time for about twenty minutes. I am refreshed and ready to take on the online money making world again.

3:30 Answer emails then get back to writing your niche content for about an hour and a half.

5:00 PM It’s time to wind down the day so start putting up social bookmarks for the content you create for the day with your facebook, dig, stumbleupon, and other various accounts. Also write a daily summary on your page about what you did that day (It’s fodder for the search engine fire). Tweet about your content and then leave your home office – The day is done but your body still needs activity to retain your goal weight.

6:00 PM Time to burn some calories again – Go to the gym or workout in the garage for an hour – doing sit ups, push ups, squats and lunges to the point of exhaustion and recovery – repeat until you have done this for one hour.

7:00 PM Dinner time – Fresh grilled tuna steaks on the BBQ grill along with grilled asparagus, and cauliflower. Make some lemon iced-tea and watermelon for dessert.

Making Money While Losing Weight Fast

At this point you will probably need to spend needed quality time with your spouse or family. Your day has been full of work and activity and you have once again fought off the belly fat that lurks at our home office desk.

Congratulations on a job well done plus working out and eating healthy recipes all day.

OK, this is in a perfect world but you get the idea – doing the above will make a great habit for you live a great life while you make money from the Internet. Don’t end up like I did and weigh in at 468 pounds and have to get gastric bypass surgery to just survive. Making a choice about our daily routines and food intake is just as important as how we make money.

The big mistakes I made in the past that lead to morbid obesity:

Having a college fridge next to my desk with Red Bull, Monster Energy, Cookies, Fried Pies and cans of frosting (butter cream was my favorite) – Ordering Dominos Pizza online for delivery – and the local sandwich shop would delivery mozzarella covered meatball hoagies, Philly steak and cheese subs and various desserts. Within three years I had gained 269 pounds from living like this and spent time in the hospital for heart problem on four different occasions. So I know what I am talking about – Give your heart, body and mind a break and keep fit while you are trying to become the next Internet Millionaire.


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    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 8 years ago from Texas

      Congratulations on your weight loss! I hope your daily routine is keeping you healthy.

    • Georgina_writes profile image

      Georgina_writes 8 years ago from Dartmoor

      Great hub. I love working from home, but it's a constant battle with the waistline. Working in my pyjamas is soooooo comfy, and the weather's horrible....