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how to overcome unemployment

Updated on September 22, 2012


Unemployment is one of the major concerns of the society today. Each and every day, more and more people are termed unemployed and this is not good for any individual and the economy of a country at all. There are various reasons which may cause one to be unemployed and these include, but not limited to;

  1. High illiteracy levels
  2. Changes in seasons of production
  3. Having disabilities which may hinder you from doing a certain kind of job
  4. Political instability in a country
  5. Gender inequalities in certain jobs
  6. Poor education system
  7. Being choosy when selecting a job
  8. Population explosion
  9. Increase in number of people being educated and failure of the industry to expand along with the number
  10. High inflation rates

Some of these factors can be easily overcome and in a short period of time while some require a long time to be fully dealt with. Whichever the case, it all starts with an individual in trying to overcome this disease called unemployment.

Industrialization has enabled us to improve our standards of living but it has brought with it the need of people to involve themselves in money generating opportunities in order to acquire the better standards of living which they greatly yearn for. Unlike the primitive people who used primitive tools, education and ways of living, but had to accept low standards of living, we at this time and era cannot bear with low living standards. This in turn can only mean that at one time or another we must be involved in some kind of money generating activity in order to improve our standards hence we must be employed.

There are various ways of overcoming unemployment and these include;

  1. Ensuring political stability in a country
  2. Controlling the population growth rate
  3. Allowing gender balance in employment opportunities
  4. Encouraging entrepreneurship/self-employment
  5. Ensuring that there is a proper education system
  6. Controlling the rate of inflation
  7. Reducing the retirement age
  8. Providing basic education to all
  9. Avoiding being choosy when selecting a job

If you are affected by unemployment, try to assist yourself from getting out of that problem before you blame anyone. There are various methods to do: just ensure that you choose the right one. Don't just sit there waiting to be employed but get out there and look for employment - whether it is self-employment or employed by others, either way, you will be better of. Click Here for more on this.


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    • profile image

      phindile ngoma 6 months ago

      i dont think unemployment is course by population growth but by teenage pragnacy leading to it