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How to Sustain Competitive Advantage in Your Online Business?

Updated on March 18, 2013

Planning an online business can be an easy affair, but thinking of ways to sustain competitive advantage is not a cakewalk. Business on web can go futile, if you do not have the knowledge and skill to sustain it. Sustaining business advantage gets all the more difficult, because you have to face tough rivalry at every step from your online competitors. The need of the hour is to devise strategic ways to get an edge over others. How to do it is the subject matter of our discussion.

Easy Steps to Sustain The Competitive Edge

First and foremost, you can arm yourself with the strongest competitive advantage, if you have a foolproof online business marketing strategy. Look before you step in. Prior to taking the plunge into online marketing, study and research the online marketplace religiously. Weigh the pros and cons to fine tune your upcoming business plan. Market analysis will help you identify the ideal product/ service business that will contribute to your ROI. Your business needs to accomplish several things – check whether your business will comply to these:

  • Identifying Rare Scope – Make detailed research about the target market and the industry competition. This means figuring out a unique product/ service which is high in demand but low in supply (meaning something which has not been explored yet in the online market). Uniqueness always wins – you can easily be the top boss, because no one yet has marketed your product/ service.

  • Finding Out the Valuable – Product or service that has high consumer value can bring in lot of business profit, even if it happens to be commonplace in the web market. You have to offer greater value to your business prospects compared to your competitors.

  • Non-substitutable Business – If your business generate benefits that cannot be substituted, you can find success in online business. It pertains to low competition business, which has the potential to grow big.

  • Exploitable Business – Judge whether your business has the capacity to derive utility for your consumers; if so, you are game for a successful business growth.

  • Price Strategy – Low cost (compared to the industry price) is always the catch. Consumers have a natural tendency to purchase things which are competitively priced.

  • Keeping Up With Web Trends - Fast changing web landscape is keeping online business owners on their toes. You have to mold your business to the changing trends; for instance consumers are preferring more of responsive design. Only then can you employ Internet to issue the right marketing signals to the targeted audience.

  • Find Out Long-term Associations – Tying up with a large online partner, or getting endorsements from a celebrity or tapping the top digital advertising venues (like television) can create for you competitive sustainability in the long run.

  • Hold Over Intellectual Property – Companies can gain a competitive advantage by having access to intellectual property which exists in the form of trademarks, patents, trade names and copyrights.

Easy Competitive Advantage Sustainability Tips

  • Establishing presence as community leader in a niche

  • Cultivating long-term customer relationships

  • Making online sales platform user-friendly

  • Creating and maintaining hard-to-duplicate product/ service

You have to outperform your rivals and ensure that your business which cannot be easily duplicated or surpassed. For this, you need strategic marketing plan and extensive research. Besides competition analysis extensive customer knowledge is also required to maximize on business profit; for mining into customer insight you should tap the potential of social media besides the traditional avenues.


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      6 years ago

      This note on SCA tactics has given a good insight on tips on competitive advantage sustainability. Bottom line is, an effective sustainable competitive advantage demands valuable products, processes, and a focus on services orientation. Thanks :)


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