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Discover How To Make Money - At The Making Money Network

Updated on May 21, 2010

Google Will Help You Make Money!

Do you use Google Adwords, PPC to drive google traffic to your website? If your answer is yes are you getting the traffic you expected and is your cost per click as low as it can be?

If you want to make the most of Google Adwords, and make money, you have to know how Google operates its Adwords campaigns, what it looks for and how it determines the status of your ads.

Here is a synopsis of what Google looks for when it evaluates your advert.

When you set up your adword campaign you have to write ads which will appear on Google's website under Sponsored Links. Google will look at your finished advert and website and then give you a Quality Score. This QS determines:

1. The amount of traffic you'll receive - by impressions

2. The amount you pay per click for your advert

Now, you may be getting low quality scores for your advert and website, and this is because when you set up your website you then bid on a huge number of keywords with many having little or no relevance to your website.

I want you to know that by doing this Google will punish you and give you a low QS. Obviously this is something you will want to avoid,and I suppose the question you are now asking is 'how can I make sure I have a high QS?'

Well ... This is where Google will come to your assistance and actually help you achieve a high QS.

What Google does is scan your website and then tell you the keywords you should be bidding on, in other words Google will show you the keywords that they regard as relevant to your site. It is in your best interest to bid on the keywords that Google recommends,don't add other keywords that are NOT in the Google list as that means they are NOT relevant to your site and your QS will reduce if you decide to bid on them.

If you want to add other keywords, it is important to first of all update your website to include the keywords and then get Google to re-scan your site and see if they appear in the list.

For more information on how Google can help you to make money visit the link below and obtain the Free Google Cash Guide.

To your success

DeAnna Dubóis

Make Money With Affiliate Subscriptions

It's More Profitable Than A One Off Affiliate Sale!

You see whilst affiliate marketing is a proven method to make money online and can bring in a healthy weekly income, it pales into insignificance in comparison to subscription affiliate marketing.

As you know affiliate marketing is where you sell a product or service for someone else, and receive a commisssion for every sale you make. Once that sale is made you do have the opportunity to sell backend products to your initial prospect, provided you captured their name and email address details in the first place. But please note there is no guarantee that your prospect will purchase other products from you.

On the other hand with Subscription Affiliate Marketing you will not have to worry about whether or not you can sell any further products to your list of prospects, because you know you will receive payment every month under the subscription program.

Ok, I know what you're thinking, a customer could cancel their subscription at any time, so you could technically be in the same position as the affiliate who makes a one off sale. But, that is unlikely to happen if you're providing a professional, informative course that keeps your prospect intriqued.

Another reason why you should try subscription affiliate marketing is because it is far easier to market. Let's suppose there is a language course that you really want to buy but cannot afford to because it costs $300. However, if the course was offered on a monthly subscription of $25 I'm sure you would opt for that. right? Well that's the same way any potential customer would think. They could get the same course for a monthly fee if they do not have the full price to pay all at once.

I operate affiliate marketing programs under both types of marketing and my experience is that affiliate marketing provides instant cash whilst subscription affiliate marketing makes more money in the long term.

If you are an affiliate marketer and have not included subscription affiliate marketing in your business plan, maybe it's time to give it a shot, it's an excellent way to make money and receive a regular income.

To Your Success

DeAnna Dubóis

Money Making Tip of The Day

3 components you need to succeed

1. Sell

2. Build a list and

3. Sell again

Regardless of what niche you are in these are the 3 tactics you must use in your online business.

First, you sell your product or service with an incentive of free bonuses.

Second, the most important part, you capture the prospects name and email address. You can do this through a squeeze page or an autoresponder on your main page.

Third, sell again. This is the fun part. You have captured the personal details of your prospects to whom you can sell to over and over again.

NB: Don't over email your list. Stick to twice a week.




Making Money With Ebooks!

Is a form of affiliate marketing that is both a simple and easy way to make money online and earn an extra $500 per week part-time, or up to $7,000.p.w. full-time.

There is one great aspect of making money with ebooks that makes it attractive to newbies and seasoned marketers alike, and that is the small amount of work it takes to have an online business up and running in no time.

If you're not sure how to start an online business but want to make money via the internet, making money with ebooks is probably the best way to get started in the world of internet marketing or even enhance an existing online business.

Making money with ebooks does not require that you have your own website, product or service to promote. How awesome is that?

Really awesome, because all the hard work of creating a website, promotional materials, such as banners, adverts, scripted emails, and splash pages etc have been created for you by the vendor. That only leaves you to promote the product or service and earn a commission. Simple!

To make it clearer here's an example of how making money with ebooks works. You've chosen to promote an ebook in the niche of 'Dog & Puppy Training' for $47. The vendor is paying a 50% commission, therefore you will get a cool $23.50 each and every time an ebook is sold.

Further, because you are not paying a premium to host or create a website you will probably keep 90% of the commission made.

But the earning power doesn’t have to end there. The possibilities are endless. You could find other products to promote to the list of subscribers you have acquired from the initial sale of the 'Dog & Puppy Training' ebook. The making money with ebooks formula pays far beyond the 50% commission and you can easily make up to $7,000 per week through backend products



Another reason making money with ebooks is phenomenal is because the formula can be multiplied over and over again. For example, you sell 200 copies of the 'Dog & Puppy Training' ebook through your simple marketing efforts. (This number of sales is quite possible as the keyword 'dog training' generates 2,240,000 a month). Anyway, those 200 sales bring in a respectable $4,700 a month. That’s $56,400 a year from promoting a single ebook, not a bad income for a little bit of work! So just imagine if you sold an ebook in 20 different targeted niches? The rewards are phenomenal!

Finally, in order to make money with ebooks you will need to know how to:

  • Market effectively to bring visitors to your promotion
  • Research keywords
  • Create a squeeze page
  • Build a list of subscribers
  • Follow-up subscribers and
  • Market backend products

Please don't look at the list above and feel out of your depth because there is an Free ebook that details step by step how to make money with ebooks. It will show you how to convert a $0.99 cents ebook into $5,000 per week.

Making Money With Ebooks is a truly easy and straightforward way to become financially independent.

To you success

DeAnna Dubóis


*A 'Vendor' is the person who creates the product or service for sale and pays the affiliate a commission for selling his product or service.

* An 'Affiliate' is the person who promotes the vendor's product and receives a commission for every sale made.


Without A Squeeze Page You Could Be Losing Sales!

Before I get into the reasons of why without a squeeze page you could be losing sales, I want discuss the basics of a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a sales letter that has only one purpose, and that purpose is to create a reason for a prospect to give you their permission to continue contacting them.

This can be done in either a long form sales letter or a short form sales letter. Although the length is unimportant, whether it works is what you should be concerned about, I find that the shorter squeeze page provides better results.

Next, you need to ensure that your squeeze page is converting at a good percentage.

A squeeze page that achieves a minimum of 20% which means for every 100 visitors who visit your squeeze page, you can get 20 of them to sign up to your mailing list, is a good converting squeeze page.

However, you should try to strive for the average of 30% which means you can get 30 out 100 visitors to join your mailing list but if your squeeze page converts anywhere from 40% and above, your squeeze page is in fact doing very well indeed! This is something you definitely will want to target as well.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how good your sales letter is, the truth is that most people on their first visit won’t buy from you. Even more important is that even if they liked what you are offering and went as far as book marking your site the odds are that they won’t return. Hard to take, I know but it's a reality.

But stay with me on this for a moment. Take a minute and open your browser and look at all of the things that you have bookmarked. I bet there tons of sites that you thought enough about to bookmark but can’t even remember why you bookmarked them in the first place. Right?

Despite the fact that you created an interest in your visitor, when they arrived at your site it is probably the case that because they did not know enough about you, to have the necessary trust to do business with you.

However, if you had created a squeeze page and gathered the prospect’s contact information you would have been able to follow up with them. This follow-up allows you to build a relationship with the prospect, which will eventually lead to them doing business with you.

Take another moment, and think about who you do business with on a regular basis. Where do you do you weekly shop? It's more than likely that you buy your groceries from the same store every week; get your haircut and styled at the same place, get your car serviced at the same garage. Why? Because you have a relationship with those businesses and trust them.

I'm sure when you go to the hairdresser the stylist knows your name, how you like your hair cut, probably even knows your family name. But more important than all of that is that you are comfortable, you know you will get what you expect and can trust the service.

It is possible to create the same type of relationship as I mentioned above by using a squeeze page. It gives you the opportunity to have the prospect return and look at your site from a new perspective.

Squeeze Pages Made Eazee!

They will now not see you as a peddler but rather as a trusted resource they could recommend. Can you now see the power of adding this resource Structure of your squeeze page?

Remember that your squeeze page is a sales page. The product you are selling is why a prospect would give you their contact information.

Finally, you need to follow specific rules to create a good sales letter.

  • Good copywriting techniques are as important in a squeeze page as they are in your main sales letter.

It should include the following main items.

  • Attention grabbing headline
  • Text that creates value and curiosity
  • Social proof as to the value of your offer and
  • A call to action

I hope you have gained an insight into why it is crucial to utilise a squeeze page in your marketing campaign.

Next time I will go into more detail on how to create a squeeze page and what it should contain in order to persuade a prospect to give you their contact details.

To your success

DeAnna Dubóis

How To Make Money Online

Welcome To the Money Making Network

 The aim of the Money Making Network Hub is to reveal how to make money online. It will bring to you the latest online money making opportunities, the ones that are genuine and provide a regular income, and the ones that don't.  We will also set up a scam alert to let you know what opportunities you should avoid.

Although there are many opportunities to make money online you will find that the main money making programs are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • MLM
  • Direct Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Online Trades
  • Domaining & Online Real Estate Trade
  • Get Paid to Participate
  • Virtual Online Jobs and
  • Freelance and Contracting work

Making money online is a prospect that is very attractive to many, and has become even more appealing since the global recession.  With jobs in short supply now is the time to put your skills to work and try to make money on the internet 

Making money whilst working from home is particularly attractive because, if you get the right opportunity you can enjoy the benefits of a lucrative income, as well as the freedom of being your own boss, working from anywhere you please.

Subscribing to this hub will give you tips on how to set-up an online business, how to write articles and blogs, choose the right money making opportunity, and step by step training on how to create and operate a successful online money making business.  Subscribe Now.

To Your Success

DeAnna Dubóis




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