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How Would You Like Having Your Groceries Delivered to Your Door?

Updated on September 27, 2016

There are loads of folks who unable to imagine having grocery delivery as an option

Grocery delivery is something scores of people would enjoy if provided with the option
Grocery delivery is something scores of people would enjoy if provided with the option | Source
The company has been providing this service for a number of years.
The company has been providing this service for a number of years.

Holiday shoppers enjoy the convenience of the plan

One of the largest super power stores in the world is getting ready to make a jump which most shoppers saw coming. Along with pizza delivery trucks, look for Wal-Mart grocery delivery vans as well. The concept is tied to the online shopping and is a marketing concept looking for shoppers unable to come into the store.

Although there is an enormous amount of consumers browsing the web and getting items delivered to their doorstep, few include food in the equation. Perishable items such as lettuce or tomatoes are not associated with shopping online at this time. The super world giant selling everything from socks to shotguns has decided to look into the game of groceries.

Foodstuffs is an enormous part of the daily dollars spent at locations around the world. With other grocery retailers taking the plunge, this retailer has decided it is worth the cost and with a low risk which converts to profits.

How to get it done

Most customers view the company as innovative capable of doing nearly anything if they set out to accomplish, this is not the exception. This latest innovation is getting foodstuffs from an online atmosphere to the customer's address. The business is looking at doing it via Sam's Club. Sam's Club is owned and operated by the business and has more of a warehouse atmosphere than the well known store.

Sam's Club

As a subsidiary of the conglomerate with a focus on food, it has done well for itself since opening more than a decade ago. It has an influx of members who join the personalize club and receive a number of benefits and bonuses via groceries. Recently this retailer has expanded to include more products in line with the mother company.

In recent years there have been changes which include additions like car tires, eye glasses, cell phones and other non food stuffs. If these are part of the shopping list available for ordering has not been shared. Although customers admit to wanting the opportunity to have everything online capable of being delivered.

A few things to think over before jumping in

When venturing in this direction there are a number of possibilities. There are some benefits as well as disadvantages to think about. These are things the store is still working to iron out and will make what some things initially discussed not possible or probable in the final decision. That being said, these are more than a few benefits and drawbacks to the idea of delivering groceries.


  • · Obtaining new customer markets yet untapped.A new market base is always a welcome sight to any business entity
  • Not every Wal Mart has a Sam's Club physically connected. In most cases the two stores are linked via a parking lot or garage. Although there are two buildings, one is not seen without the other. The websites are also linked.
  • There are patrons loyal to the store who would like the opportunity to shop at Sam's Club. This is a goal either in person or virtually via online ordering of groceries. Since there is a fee to join the club, getting the contents free of charge in some ways is an enormous boost for customers
  • There are home bound folks who have never set foot in either facility. These are possibility the largest accrual to be seen with the roll out. Being able to have an enormous selection to choose from without setting foot in the store is an opportunity most of these customers never imagined was in their reach
  • · Fast delivery of food for the customer. When time is short there is the shopping chore done in a jiffy. Getting it done while watching television or relaxing at home is a nice idea. How about not going to the store with a 2 year old? Countless new mommies and daddies will appreciate the fast delivery.
  • · Customers online are apt to purchase more than those with little time to shop in the store. Tremendous savings of time. Though, overspending is possible. While putting feet up on the coffee table and hopping from one item many accidentally overspend.
  • Holiday shopping is most likely where an enormous influx of clients and monies come in. Imagine shopping for Thanksgiving without fighting for the Turkey or a parking space. Superbowl Sunday means not having to dredge through ice and snow for chili dogs and chips. The convenience is an enormous draw for so many people for countless reasons
  • There are some communities where the merchandise needed means visiting more than one store. With this online application in place this is eliminated. Savings on time and gas. Additionally, those living in areas where there are items not yet in the geographical area, but online will enjoy the opportunity to get them
  • Driving a Volkswagen and driving a pick up truck to the store to shop creates different shopping restrictions. Without space or transport limits, there are folks who get more than they certainly would walking into the brick and mortar buildings.


  • ·Shoppers will not overspend as they likely do in the store. Get specifically what is on the list and shut it down is a new motto for countless folks. This is dicey game. There are those who have a cut and dried list to shop with. When in the store displays and other items catch the eye and cause extra purchases outside of the list. This opportunity is missing when working in the online virtual store.
  • Getting what is not on the list is what Wal Mart banks on. It makes them billions of dollars each year. Will it backfire when working on the web? There is the possibility.
  • What will happen on days when there are not enough customers or employees to make supply and demand coincide with one another? Will there be delays or cancellations?
  • Perishable food items must be delivered quickly which has a possibility to cause issues. Depending on the weather, terrain and location of the customer to the store creates an opportunity for failure. Imagine a client in the mountains during winter months. The patron is snowed in and unable to go shopping physically. Therefore, the items are ordered online. Now it is the delivery personnel's problem instead of the patron.
  • More staff and equipment cost money. New equipment like refrigerated trucks are expensive and a necessity. There are countless perishable food stuffs in the store and offered to clients. Getting the proper organizational skills and methods to make it run smoothly is necessary. Hiring new workers and getting new computer equipment i added to costs as well. How about a web site designer to get the web flowing flawless for getting the info into the store. The customer service workers answering the phone and questions along with drivers and delivery folks.
  • There is a fee connected with joining the Sam's Club, The membership dues are shopper's responsibility once a year. Will continue or be a necessary expense for online customers?
  • There are previous companies that have tried and failed the same concept. None have been as large as this company. Though, researching the failure for flaws is a great idea.
  • ·Are there customers where delivery is restricted or not available? If so, is this going to cost income which spent in the store as well for the sore losers?
  • There would be no preparation. Time is of the essence and each order is unique. How long will it take to get to the customer's house?
  • What are the hours of operation? Since Walmart is 24 hours a day, will this be as well?
  • It is possible to disrupt inventory levels substantially. Until up and running what customers are willing to order or pay for online under the delivery service is unknown. Having everything on hand is a must. Discovering which items in inventory are needed more often will take some time. Meanwhile, overdoing things such as having too much fresh produce or meat on hand is expensive if things do not go as planned..
  • ·Don’t lose brick and mortar customers to online shopping. Keep in store customers and obtain new online ones. Hopefully they are one in the same.
  • Will orders be possible for locations such as schools, hotels, hospitals and other physical locations where grocery stuffs are wanted or needed?

The advantages for the customer of having groceries delivered to the home in many ways is difficult to measure. For some the idea is a life saver and certainly gives excitement. Though, the list for such and undertaking is much more favorable with benefits when compared to the disadvantages faced.

This does not mean the idea is off the table just yet. The possibilities to increase earnings is very attractive and sometimes the biggest reason for going forward with new and innovative ideas.

It is already being done

This idea is unique for Wal Mart. Though, there have been more than a few business ventures in the same area by other companies. One great example is It appears to be a success for the business. Though, there is a much larger difference in the number of customers and other factors.

New York city has had deliver to the door of customers for years. Getting groceries from little mom and pop shops made it possible. Countless small business owners take advantage of the idea. New York is an enormous city where nearly everyone is without a personal vehicle to drive. This makes more sense than ever for this circumstance. Delivery is what makes it possible for some to get groceries at all.

Walmart has delivery right to the customer door.

In conclusion

The big announcement was shared on Easter of this year giving the idea a "go ahead". With this in place there must have been solutions discovered for the pressing disadvantages. There are no doubt hundreds of brains coming together to see it happen. Hopefully it is a success.

There is no way to share with readers the number of individuals this helps. Along with people unable to drive or afford a personal car there are home bound people who are not able to leave their homes at all. This is a godsend for most and a form of keeping some independence while recovering from an illness or saddled with something more chronic.

In order to measure a failure or success percentage rate it will possibly take up to a year, maybe two. There is always the possibility of going back to the way things were before. Though, this is innovation and technology doing a duty and moving things forward like usual. If all else fails, back to the drawing board is always and option.

Is booze delivery a possibility? Will it vary from state to state?

Whether or not a delivery of booze or cigarettes will be on the menu has not been discussed.
Whether or not a delivery of booze or cigarettes will be on the menu has not been discussed.

For those not sold on the delivery concept, there is pick up at Walmart. Let them know what is on the list and they shop. Customer simply picks up


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    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      7 years ago

      For all the reasons you've written about in your Hub, smcopywrite, it's an excellent Idea, that's time has come. I would only add, that everything should be nice and fresh and no items should be we sometimes see when we are shopping in person. Good informative Hub.

    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from all over the web

      home delivery works for many. i know there are disabled folks that cannot shop for themselves. they may be able to spend a few moments in the store but not actually shopping for an hour or two.

      thank you for your comment

    • sam3m profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      i'm elderly and disabled. home delivery is a great idea for me. we tried it once, but the program was halted. the only problem we had was specifying types of produce. we often were paying $4/pound for peaches.

      good hub.

    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from all over the web

      i couldnt find an exact answer on this one. i read the reviews and they differed. i suppose you could consider several things.

      what state do you live in (whats the cost of living) tipping in NYC isnt the same as tipping in South Dakota

      how much were your groceries?

      compare it with what you tip anything else delivered to your door, pizza, the ups guy, etc.

      i simply couldnt find a great answer. sorry

    • tmckim profile image


      7 years ago

      How much should you tip them? :)


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