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Updated on August 10, 2016

Old Mind Set V New Mind Set

What was the one thing your parents said to you about money when growing up? Along the lines of "money don't grow on trees" or "money is the root of all evil", or maybe "The rich are greedy."

No one in their right mind will be successful if the only thing they believe about money is the above statements?

First thing first, grasping that "money don't grow on trees" is an idea of what is know as lack of programming. Parents always ingrained on us that money was not always available and that it was

Not readily available or abundant. But in fact, the universe is very rich, and plenty of money is available for everyone.

The right way to think about money is that you deserve to have money and money is easy to attain, then you can start attracting it into your life, That's abundance thinking, which is opposite to negative thinking.

How about the misconception of "money is the root of all evil" Do you think that you can be successful if you believe the origin of all evil is money? If you have the motive to be evil, to begin with then, automatically your subconscious will not allow you to have money if your belief deep down remains money is the root of all evil.

Firstly, that quote was taken out of context. Originally it was "the love of money is the root of all evil" Clearly now you can money is never the subject how you think of it is.

Now that we are crystal clear, you can start to view money in a positive light. You can help your family with money. You can stimulate your country economy with money. Even the most kind-hearted spiritual person you know, can do more to make the world a better place with money than without money is all how we see the money that matters.

And what about thinking that "the rich are greedy"? Well, that breeds “us versus them” mentality, automatically you have labelled yourself as the giving and them as the greedy so now your mind will subconsciously except to be generous you have to be greedy, and that's a dangerous way to take.

Both wealthy and poor people can be greedy and vice versa, the amount of money you may or may have nothing to do with these character traits.

The truth is a high portion of individuals became rich by NOT being greedy. In fact giving money more often opens pipeline of more money that's how the world works, that's how the law of nature work if you apply it anything you do.

Help others so you can be helped, give more so you can get more.

Work on your mindset changes it from all the negative views of money than you will be amazed at what you achieve regarding money wealth and health you deserve.

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