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Updated on April 18, 2013

How Does A Hunter Fan Have Some Energy Saving Uses?

When you go out into the marketplace to choose a ceiling fan you need to go for the best and that is Hunter. They have fantastic designs, choices and are designed to work beautifully in today's homes. Nowadays homes are built and designed in many different styles so fans need to keep up with every design. So with the variety Hunter offer there is something for everyone's style of decor.

Most people think of a fan and think of the cooling it can bring during warm or hot weather. The running costs are minimal as they cost no more than a 100 watt light bulb to run. A fan will compliment any air con unit and you will find you can turn the unit down by three to five degrees centigrade to actually see a 40% reduction in the air con running costs. Not only are you participating in saving the plant but also the environment. However for you personally it will give you valuable cost savings.

Now you are thinking "Is that it?" The answer would be no because there is more. In the colder weather they are even more energy efficient because the fans can be switched to operate in reverse and before you can ask me why I am going to explain. We all know hot air rises and when we run our heating it just sits at the ceiling trapped or else it just gets lost through the roof if it is not insulated properly. The Hunter Fan, in reverse, gently pushes the trapped air down and recycles it because as it is trapped it has no choice but to come back down. That process means the thermostat can go down a few digits. Each one down can save 6% of your energy costs.

So beside the fact that they can save on your costs and are environmentally friendly they are also a silent running product so there is no annoying clicking or humming. They have a patented wobble free canopy so no matter how long a drop rod is used there is no wobble. Due to Hunter having been creating fans since 1886 they are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the motor. These fans are simply the best so what more could you want? Silent quality, energy efficient, cost saving and on top of that no maintenance is required for them just simply dust and you are good to go. You can even add a light or a remote control to complete the look you want.

I have recently got into the world of article writing as part of my new job but now I am enjoying imparting any wisdom I have accrued in my many years on this earth. I try to bring a bit of humour to the day in my writings. I have five grown children with eight grandchildren and a great granddaughter so get lots of ideas for articles from them and my life experience.


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