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How to make fast money

Updated on January 21, 2011

How to make fast money

Tips to make fast money!


Itemize your income and all the different areas of your life in which you spend money.

Some common categories to get away with and make more money:

q Food – some effort on good home style cooking

q Clothing – can be set aside

q Housing

q Entertainment – can be set aside for later

q Transportation

q Debts

q Utilities

q Educational cost

q Child care

q Insurance

q Miscellaneous – can be put as a option

Mark the ones which are a priority on a daily basis and which can just be omitted monthly does help in donating an extra dollar to you and make fast money.

Lets face the fact about the problems with most budgets that leads to becoming losers.

Most people who have difficulty living on a monthly budget suffer from one of the four problems:

q They have never truly itemized their expenses, consequently their spending exceeds their income

q They exclude the two key categories from their budgeting; savings and goals

q They have created a budget that is excessively frugal

q They blow their budgets because of poor planning

In short, tips to make fast money or money can be saved by a simple lifestyle rule.

  1. Set up your goals – Eat well, drink occasionally, have parties once in a month, avoid somethings which can be skipped etc..
  2. Make a budget of the things you need in advance
  3. Don’t overspend getting tempted
  4. Prioritize your requirements – how important, is it required, can live without it etc etc
  5. Do feel good when the saving has occurred in order to get motivated
  6. Seek counseling from a financial advisor if needed
  7. Do not seek advise from a lay person as thinking differs and may not work
  8. Exercise to keep mind and body active and think right
  9. Buy gifts that are economical as per your budget and just not branded and limit them to occasions only rather than just surprises.

Make fast money by investing in shares or stock that gives you good dividends etc.



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