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Diet plans for anti-ageing

Updated on February 2, 2011

diet plans for anti-ageing

Best ways to live and be happy go hand in hand. They can be created, developed and transformed in a human life, no matter how difficult life can be.

According to the anti-ageing society, they say follow these best ways for a better, lively, healthy person.

§ Choose to be happy – Pysho-neuroimmunology is one of the most effective means of medicine these days. It is to show a happy attitude from within which leads to less bodily stress and a boosted immune system.

§ Reduce meat and eat in proportion to vegetables – Red meat contains high fat and poisons which make digestion difficult. It also increases the risk of colon cancer when you have high meat intake.

§ Develop a sense of purpose – People who have a sense of purpose tend to age more slowly than other according to the longevity expert all over the world. That purpose can be put into force from work, family, spiritual practices or lifestyle. Clear direction and reason is very important in uplifting those stress levels and immunity.

§ Reduce free radicals – Many experts believe free radicals are number 1 cause of premature ageing. They are biochemical compounds, produced by the toxins in the body which cause damage to the cells. So, to get rid of them, eating anti-oxidants, vitamin C and B daily is useful.

§ Eat fresh leafy vegetables – 25% of the common vitamins found in vegetables is lost when frozen. So, you don’t get the full 100% present in the fresh.

§ The soyabean is great – Soybean is considered one of the nature’s anti-ageing pills.

§ The Mediterranean diet – A typical diet with olive oil and wine increases your life span.

§ Fibre – A high diet of fibre decreases your chances of bowel cancer, haemorrhoids and varicose veins. It also helps in digestion.

§ Don’t get annoyed – Anger is one of the dreadful weapons in health risk, attacking your body’s defence system. Instead of that, deep breathing releases your body’s muscular and mental stress.

§ Say so long to salt – Salt leads to tightening of the arteries, and thus cause blood pressure. Also be sure to watch out for hidden salt in processed food cans, meats.

§ Drink lots of water – Nearly one and a half litres water is required for an adult each day and minimum of a ½ litre to 1 litre for a child aged 3- 12 years.

§ Go easy on the coffee – Swap your coffee to fruit juices or green tea is an anti-cancer beverage.

§ Magic mushrooms – It is a medicine for lung cancer and it contains a substance which boosts your T cell production.

§ Vitamin C – One should consume 2-3 grams daily spread out over the day. It helps heal wounds, prevent cancer.

§ Zinc puts back the zing – When we get older, our immune starts getting less efficient. In order to keep it going well, zinc can help. It is also good for male sexuality as a shortage of zinc in men has been shown to contribute a low sex drive and low sperm count.


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