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Guideline to achieving THE efinancial careers and follow market

Updated on June 30, 2011

Guideline to achieving efinancial careers and market

Ways of achieving more Money


The efinancial careers and market! How to achieve more MONEY / Wealth? Here are the ten ways ! the investment market.

You got there! Ways of achieving more wealth is illustrated as below:

Even if you don’t like it or no, law touches our lives every day. Understanding the law is difficult and more complex, if we had no guidelines and legal advisors. However, nowadays it is simple and effectively used by online sites and books. wealth can be acquired through different modes and how flexible it is for us. Achieving wealth in a sensible way is the best.

Real Estate - Can bring you more money

Buying and selling real estate

Property dealing is simple however it involves a legal process.

The Agreement

In order to deal with real estate, an agreement in writing should be signed.

· The agreement includes

· The name of the seller

· Personal details of the seller and the buyer

· Price of the property and how much deposit in (percentage)

· Type of property (eg. House, unit, land etc)

· The Agreement should also state special conditions if applicable to make both the parties clear.

· The most important factor in the agreement should be the “cooling off period”


Starting a business - Success and make more money

There are significant issues involved in the foundation of a business. It starts with legal matters. First, we a business is started, you have to decide on a structure of the business. Whether it is going to be sole, partnership, company or a trust. Each structure has different output, mainly in areas of liability and taxation. Before finalising on the structure, all this should be carefully considered or it is difficult to change to another one.

Several issues you need to be aware of when you buy a business: taking into consideration employees, stock and value for the business you are buying.

Sole Proprietor

If you set up a business and run it yourself you are called the sole proprietor of that business. That means you can control the business and have entitlement to all the profits earned from the business. It also means you are liable for all the losses within the business.

Tax point of view, any income you make from the business will have the same tax rate as a personal income.

The Keys to Financial Success – Ten Ways of making more money

Making more money out of what you have !

This is one area of issue for all of us no matter how well you do or not. It does bother all with a question. Wish I had more money.

The ten common-sense ways that work.

§ Way A Plan your activity, now that you have planned, you have to stick to it.

§ Way B Budget and control your money, it’s the hardest thing to do but not many fail achieving it. So take courage and go ahead. It is not what you earn that matters- its how much you spend. Follow a strong commitment to the concept ‘if you cant afford it, you cant’.

§ Way C Save little, save often, this method will get you becoming more wise.

§ Way D Avoid being silly and taking risks, if it looks to good to be true, stop there !

§ Way E Do not plan to save cash, have your savings locked away even before your thinking of spending.

§ Way F Plan to own your home, debt free, it is better to seek advice from experts and one should help you out with this.

§ Way G Invest in you Super, try investing in long-term assets, like shares, property.

§ Way H Find ways to minimize your tax, focus on investment returns and not tax benefits.

§ Way I Protect your assets, insurance is the first thing to do. It is a must to do factor. The other asset is to safeguard you so “invest” in buying a good type of life or health policy.

§ Way J Seek professional Advice, if your not sure, seek advice from a expert and another to be on the safe side. Ultimately, it is your money and you are responsible.


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