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HYIPs: A Blessing or A Curse In Disguise?

Updated on October 28, 2011

HYIPs stand for high yield investment programs. As the name suggests, HYIPs are those investment programs whereby the returns one gets from investing some money into those programs are significantly much higher when compared with the ordinary interests one can possibly get if that same investment was done with the banks or other similar financial institutions.

HYIPs are involved in various types of financial activities. Most of the HYIPs around are those that specialize mainly on the forex markets. There are those that specialize on trading futures, speculation on oil exploration and international oil pricing. There are even ones that specialize on the stock exchange markets while some deal on the influence of the pricing of gold and other rare special commodities.

There are even some HYIPs that invest on other HYIPs.

The game of hyip is very simple. You look up for some of these programs in the various sites that monitor the activities of these programs. The sites are known as hyip monitors. Then you make your decision depending on how attractive (as well as bogus) the percentage returns which these HYIPs promise their investors seem to you. Then you invest.

But before you can start investing, you will need to register an account with the program(s) you have chosen to invest into. You will also need to register an account with some of the online payment processor like Liberty reserve, Alertpay, Pecunix and so on. This is because these HYIPs pay their investors through any of those online payment processors. Investments into most the HYIPs are normally done mainly through liberty reserve probably because of its ease of use and high level of security too.

Some HYIPs pay out hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. It all depends on which program you have chosen to invest in.

When the right time comes for you to start getting your returns or profit, you just log into your account, then you make a withdrawal request depending on what you have in your account balance. Then you wait for that amount you have withdrawn to reflect in your e-currency account. Sometimes some of these programs execute your withdrawal request instantly; sometimes you wait for some period of time running into hours to elapse before you see the figure in your online currency processor account. If you choose to re-invest your profits, there are no qualms. If you choose to increase your running capital, you are free to do so. It is your choice, your say and your decision.

It is so easy.

But remember this piece is actually about whether the HYIPs is a blessing or a curse so let us delve in to get some favorable and realistic answers to know if HYIP is for you or not.

The blessing

Getting rich and richer just became easier with HYIPs. There are some HYIPs that can multiply your investments in a very short period of time! If you ask any serious investor on the need for investment, you will most hear from them that investment is one of the best ways for you to secure your future in our ever changing world.

Proper and wise investments guarantee a secured future thus giving one the opportunity to exploit his freedom and realize his full creative potentials without the unnecessary worries of frequent financial difficulties. Many people know this but the problem has always been where can one invest to get a favorable return capable of making them rich or at least comfortable in the end? HYIPs to the rescue! People can now easily buy cars, houses and other basic necessities without going through the rigorous routine of hard labor and sweat. Lives are being transformed for the better on daily basis because your big money breakthrough is just a click away, all thanks to HYIP.

According to most marketers, the hardest part of closing a deal is the part of convincing your prospective buyers to act. This is because if you don’t sell, you don’t get. So as a marketer, you will have to learn how to speak convincingly to people to encourage them to buy whatever you are selling to them.

Sometimes you will also need to call your customers on the phone time after time just to make a sale. This is not the case with HYIPs. You don’t have to convince anyone to buy anything from you. You won’t even need to call anyone on the phone. Your only job, if you call it a job, is to log on to your HYIP account and click withdraw and that is that.

HYIPs can offer solutions to unemployment especially during these hard times of global economic meltdown. Increasing numbers of people are moving about from one place to another, taking great risks, roaming the streets with the hope of finding any gainful employment just to feed and pay the bills. Few rarely do find.

But then, what many people don’t know is that with nice programs like HYIPs, you can easily avail yourself with the opportunity of becoming your own financial manager, that is to say, your own boss simply because you are now in full charge of your own money! You can even extend this advantage by becoming the financial managers to many other people.


With HYIPs, you don’t have to write any CVs nor résumés, you don’t do any job interviews; you don’t need to become a rocket scientist or a skilled computer programmer or any professional as a matter of fact. As long as you can log in and out of your email box, you are more than qualified! You won’t even leave your house as long as you have internet connection and your computer. That means that you will have more time to spend with your family without being exposed in the dangers and hazards of everyday traffic.

Also, you won’t have to stay online 24/7 because there is no need for that. So that means that even if you are the type that is still addicted to the 9-5 work lifestyle, participating in HYIP will not even interfere with your work. In fact, it will even increase your take home pay at the end of the day! Simplicity and ease is the keyword here. All you need is some money to start with and many good things will start to happen. Great!

And then the curse…

Sadly though, with all these positive aforementioned going for these programs not withstanding, HYIPs have got just ONE very big problem which I termed the curse!

It is the problem of trust!

Trust is a very big issue here. There is no guarantee whatsoever that the program you are investing into will ALWAYS be there for you. None! Never!!

Some HYIPs start today and tomorrow they are gone. Some stay for a very long time and when you start thinking and getting the comfortable feeling they are here to stay, wham! They poof and disappear leaving you with nothing but that silent self-accusing “had I known” kind of thoughts.

The fact that some HYIPs have been around for so long for as much as 300 days or more is not even a guarantee!

Another evil dimension to HYIPs is that scams are too frequent here. You don’t just know who is who. Many fraudsters feed on people’s greed which is the human desire of always wanting more and also on people’s gullibility and so they set up fraudulent high yield investment programs to attract their victims. They will set up colorful and well designed websites. They will set some bogus percentage rewards as their returns or payout and people will flock to them. They will try and pay out for some days or weeks just to give their increasing number of investors that expected feeling of assurance and security and then they strike!

Some reports also have it that some fraudulent hyip administrators will even go as far as bribing some of those monitors to list them as PAYING even when they are doing otherwise. I have seen some HYIPs that are listed as NOT PAYING in some monitors while at the same time; they are listed as PAYING in some other HYIP monitors! Who is fooling who?

And so your only hope is to clutch desperately on your luck while desperately hoping and wishing that the program you invested into will not disappear the next day.

Ah! What a sad way to run a business.

My verdict

My verdict is the same with that same type of warning you will always see on most HYIP sites: don’t ever invest more than you are ready and willing to loose or risk!

That means that if the money you have is going to cause you (and probably your loved ones too)severe physical, health and mental breakdown as well as severe financial setback in the event of you loosing the money after investing it, please my dear friend, don’t even think about it! Please don’t invest!

That’s true.

But then there is something you have to realize.

You have to realize that everything in this life involves a certain amount of risk including this life itself. Also, the greatest risk is risking nothing at all!

But I am talking about reasonable and responsible risks.

If you must invest into HYIPs, some strategies must be adopted.

Apart from refraining from investing with more than you are willing to loose, a wise HYIP investor should also be aware that it is always better to test waters first before diving in. What this means is that it is better for one to start small first by investing little amount. It is true that in programs like this, the more you invest; the more your returns but please try so much to destroy and silence those noises within.

Don’t rush out there and borrow so much money from people with the hope of paying them back as soon as you get your profit because things can easily go awry leaving you financially broke and enslaved for a long time to come. Always be prepared to fight and control that inborn human greed and you will surprisingly find your HYIP ride a very enjoyable one!

Remember, be wise.


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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Iamagenuister, thanks a lot. U know u are always entitled 2 ur opinions. Kallol, thanks 4 the info.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Try this link hope you will get some good information;

    • iamageniuster profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't trust high yield investment programs. I believe in managing one's own wealth.


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