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How to buy shares as a beginner

Updated on March 28, 2016

Here are some of the steps that the beginners can take when buying shares.

1. Obtain enough knowledge

One of the vital requirements that you need to obtain is the knowledge of how the stock market works. You can learn how to buy shares by researching the prices that you are likely to pay, the risk that you are likely to face when trading stocks, and any other concept regarding the stock market. Without understanding the basics of how to buy shares, it may be hard for you to get started.
2. Consider getting a broker

At times, you may not have the time to go to the stock exchange markets to buy the shares. Do not worry because there are members of the stock exchange who can buy the shares on your behalf. These individuals are known as the stockbrokers. They have enough knowledge of how to buy shares, and they can help you understand the basics more. They can answer any question that you may have about how to buy shares.
3. Open a personal account

For you to understand the aspect of how to purchase shares in the stock market, you can practice the knowledge learnt by opening an account. This account will enable you to understand better how to buy shares and trade them. You can pretend that you are trading your shares, but you do not stand a risk of losing your shares.
4. Make your first purchase

When making your first order, it is important to involve your broker. They will give you better tips on how to buy the shares and will purchase the stock for you. Since you will have acquired your account, you will just provide the account number to the broker so that he or she can make the first purchase for you. It will be your duty to confirm the order that will be carried out before allowing him or her to place the order to your system.
5. Subscribe to online news

Getting daily online updates about the opening of the stock market will enable you to get more information. It will also help you make informed decisions before trading your shares. Some news sites come with more ideas of how to buy share using your practice account. They alert their subscribers via email on the current market trends.
6. Get a brokerage account

When you have gained enough knowledge of how to buy shares, you can use that information to open a brokerage account. This account will teach you more about the requirements of being a trader and different styles of trading. Various brokerage accounts charge different amounts of money. Some brokerage accounts charge the people who are not active in the trading activities while others will charge expensive fees for the active traders that make different deals per day.
7. Get a trade charting software

Are you interested in making successful trade deals? Then you should consider obtaining charting software. This software will give you daily updates about the stock market. It will help you know when the prices are up. There is some charting software that calls for monthly payments, and this discourages a lot of people, hence opting for free charting software. As time goes by, you will realize that the charting software that has monthly payments are more efficient and will add more value to your money.
8. Start trading

Before starting the real trading, you should use the concept that you learned from your practice account. The same concept will apply on the trading account. Therefore, for you to find out more about how to buy shares take enough time on your practice account. The researchers have recommended eight weeks for you to become a qualified stock trader. It is important to be careful when handling the trade account because it involves your money and if you make one mistake, you may end up losing some amount.
9. Secure your investment

One thing that you should learn about how to buy shares is that the value of the shares is not standard. They keep changing within a short period. The prices of the shares are based on the expectations, misinformation or even rumors. That is why it is important for you to be attentive to the stock news and learn when the values go up and down. If you monitor the stock markets well, you can make many impulse decisions that will increase your performance over time. When the shares are in high demand, the prices are likely to go up.
When you are learning about different ways of how to buy stock, ensure that you have researched on the company that you want to have a share on well. Some companies may be having major lawsuit cases and buying shares from them is risking. In case they lose the case, their share value will drastically fall, and that will be a big blow to you.
It is important to get a broker to help you buy the shares. Therefore, before you start looking for a broker, ensure that you have an idea of the kind of stockbroker that is right for you. The stockbrokers charge differently depending on the quality of service they offer to you. It is also crucial to consider the online brokers because they will help you with tips on how to buy shares at fair prices.
If you are dealing with large amounts of money, it is advisable to get money managers who will have full control of your account. They will help you in making vital trading decisions because they are highly skilled financial advisors. You will not have to worry about your account anymore because someone will be in full control. They are paid on salary and not commission as the stockbrokers.

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Are you interested in knowing how to buy shares? First of all, you need to have a clear idea of what type of shares you are interested in buying. There are different types of shares that you can find in the stock exchange markets. Get the shares that suit your expectations.

Are you interested in knowing how to buy shares? First of all, you need to have a clear idea of what type of shares you are interested in buying. There are different types of shares that you can find


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