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Working From Your Own Base

Updated on May 6, 2011

Working from home

The attractions of working from your own base at home have never been stronger. For many, the rapid advance of the internet has been the galvanising factor in taking the plunge completely and setting off to paddle their own canoe freed from restrictions of commuting, bosses and deadlines imposed by others. A sense of liberation and freedom abounds. Yet nothing in this life comes without downsides and so is the case here.

Initially, of course, the decision of exactly what to do is paramount. It should incorporate aspects that utilise the talent of the worker and may reflect long held interests that work in the traditional sense may have obstructed. Once that decision is made then total commitment will be required.


I could list here 1001 things that may look good but will soon flounder but rather than that, I suggest holding true to a simple basic principle:

Avoid "get rich quick " schemes offering you the cance to be home based. From envelope stuffing to gambling schemes, to internet based rapid fortune makers etc. work on the principle that if something seems too good to be true it probably, almost cetainly is!


Again there are many sources of information in detailed form available but I propound that key to all is just one thing. DISCIPLINE!

Self discipline is vital and establishing a personal time to work discipline is vital. Make sure you are actually working when you say, or think you are. TO GET THINGS TO TURN OUT FINE, YOU NEED TO DO THE TIME, is old advice but true.

Also true and often difficult to do is to get family to understand your work time and to keep away from your workspace. My wife still finds this difficult after 10 years and will interupt at times with things that would easily wait till I returned home from a traditional work day at a traditional officebut apparently will not because I am accessible!. Keeping family at bay is a mine field so tread carefully.

As I say, there are many excellent and detailed pieces of information to be had if you look out for them. Indeed the link below gives just such a useful contact for consideration. I have indicated here only the key factors that I feel have been key for me and would be pleased to hear from others on their own personal factors contributing to working with success from home.


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