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labrador retriever checks

Updated on August 26, 2010

Labrador Retriever Checks - The Most Popular Personal Checks

I was talking to some friends who work for the company at a Marketing conference the other week and somehow we got to talking about dog breeds and what the most popular breed of dog checks they have and sell are. Oddly enough, Labrador Retriever Checks are the most popular and in demand personal checks as they sell the most of those breeds. So why is that odd?

When I think about who would buy a personal check with a picture of their dog or their favorite dog breed on it, I would normally think of a socialite with a little lap dog or a dog that is small enough for them to carry around in their purse. You always see famous celebrities taking their Chiuaua's or Pugs or Pomeranian's or Poodles to the spa or the hair salon or sometimes dropping them off at the Doggy Day Care salon and spa. These people not only obsess over their dogs but they are almost like the fashion accessory that they cannot live without.

They buy designer collars for the little dogs and even buy holiday cards with their dog's pictures on them so when I would think of who would buy dog personal checks with a picture of their favorite dog breed, I instantly though of toy dogs like Chihuahua Checks, Poodle Checks or Pug Checks, I didn't expect Labrador Retriever Checks to be the most popular check being sold by sites like So why would Labrador Retriever Checks be the most popular dog breed checks at Girly Checks. 

Labrador Retrievers are known for their loyalty and their ability to be gentle around people and safe to have for families.  They are easy to train and have great dispositions.  Labradors also make great guard dogs and you cannot get a puppy that is much cuter than a black, yellow or chocolate lab puppy.  Labs become part of the entire family instead of a toy dog, which although the entire family loves and the toy dog may love everyone in the family, labs may favor someone but everyone in the house will love them while not everyone in your home may love a toy dog. 

Yellow Lab checks.

I had a Yellow Lab when I was in high school named Tequilla Sunrise.  Not only was Tequilla the best puppy on earth, besides our Chihuahua, but he was absolutely one of the cutest puppies in the world.  He was a complete handful and very hyper active but he was also extremely personable and was easy going enough to get along with other dogs and was able to adapt to any house or park we would take him to.  Tequilla was not only an sweetheart but he was also one of the best dogs I have ever seen (I think everyone would say that about theirs) and after getting to own a Labrador Retriever I would have never guessed how easily you could fall in love with a dog. 

Although the Chihuahua was by far my favorite, I never actually went out and bought anything with his picture or image on it.  Tequilla on the otherhand was so sweet that everywhere you looked you would see his face and to be honest, if I was buying checks and Tequilla was still alive, I would probably buy yellow labrador retriever checks as they are not only gorgeous and easy to find, but the safety and security that Tequilla gave me would also make me feel a little safer and more secure about my checking account to.  Not to mention I would get to see his smiling face each time I would go to use a yellow lab check. 

Black Lab Checks.

Black Lab Checks are the top selling labrador retriever check.  People seem to love them whether they are the black lab puppy checks or the action black lab checks.  There are a ton to choose from and when you see how gorgeous the black lab checks are you'll understand why black lab owners cannot resist ordering checks with their best friends face on them.  Black lab checks just have some sort of beauty to them, like a black horse or a pitch black cat.  There is just something gorgeous and elegant about animals with solid black fur and when you combine with the adorable face of a black lab puppy or the wise face of an adult black lab you get an irresistible black lab check that no black lab owner can resist.  

Chocolate Lab Checks.

Chocolate Labs are some of the most loved labrador retrievers.  Not only are they high in demand but they are always the most fun to watch at dog parks.  Unlike the Yellow Lab or Black Lab, Chocolate Labs are unique looking and just seem like they are more playful and fun.  Maybe it is because I have an obsession with chocolate, but chocolate lab checks and chocolate labs are some of the most fun and playful looking dogs when you see a dog park. 

Whether you have a Black, Yellow or Chocolate Labrador Retriever, you know how amazing these dogs are.  You know how loyal, how smart and how wonderful they can be so when you see Labrador Retriever Checks you will probably do what many other lab owners do and end up ordering labrador retriever checks online.  I personally love the Yellow Lab checks because I owned a yellow lab but when you see your favorite labrador retriever checks you'll end up falling in love with them as much as I did. 


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